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I have created a Homeschool Planner that I’d love for you to take a look at.  It’s basically a compilation of what I’ve used for years to keep my own homeschool organized.  It isn’t fancy, which means it won’t drain your printer ink dry.  You can take it to an office supply store and have it spiral bound for about $3.

Purchase the Homeschool Planner here.


excel student planner cover










A good friend of mine created the template for an Excel student planner.  This has been one of my very favorite organization tools!  I print one planning sheet per week for each of my kids.  They each have a notebook with dividers for their different subjects.  Over the weekend, I pull out all the sheets they are to do for the upcoming week and place them behind the correct divider.  The planning sheet goes on top.  The kids love to cross off completed assignments.  This also helps when we need to go somewhere.  Their school work is all right in this folder and they can work independently on some assignments and cross off what they finish.  When we get home, I can easily see what’s left to do.

Get the Excel Student Planner for free here.

(This planner could be used for any student or teacher for that matter..not just homeschoolers. 🙂


3 comments on “Homeschool Planner and Student Planner

  1. Excellent post, my daughter does her school on-line but sometime I think she misses key elements to a lesson. I’m thinking of taking this idea and modifying it to the school planner she already has. Thanks so much.


  2. Hi Kathy, I have just downloaded your planner and it is beautiful. Thank you so much for this product. I am looking forward to this year as my official first year in homeschooling and I think this planner will help with both school and home 🙂 I especially like all the scriptures sprinkled within and the Right/wrong behavior pages. I hope I can stay organized and be consistant! Thanks again.


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