Spring Cleaning Series #3 stuffed animal storage solution

Junior Pink Flower Bean Bag Cover

Each week I’m posting a new Spring Cleaning tip.  Here’s the third one.

Spring Cleaning Series…

#3  Stuffed Animal Storage Solution

If you have a daughter, then chances are you have stuffed animals galore!  My daughter loves them and won’t part with any of them.  But, they are taking up way too much space!  So here’s a solution.  (I can’t take credit for this one… I read it somewhere years ago.  I just can’t remember where!)

Here’s what you do…

Purchase a colorful bean bag cover.   Check out this one from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It’s a Junior size, but is only $12.99.  I just saw similar ones at Walmart for about the same price.

Fill the cover with stuffed animals instead of the bean bag filling.

Stuffed animals make a really nice cushy bean bag and whenever your daughter wants to play with them, she just unzips and there they all are!

Tip:  Unless your daughter sits on the beanbag a lot, the animals shouldn’t get too unshapely.  However; just to be sure, only put those “stuffies” that aren’t her favorites in the bag. 🙂

Photo credit:  Bed Bath and Beyond


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