Two Summer Learning Products

aquarium cover currclick

I want to make you aware of two great summer-time products that will keep those kiddos busy!

Anne Huss (Simple Schooling) and I have teamed up to offer you two brand new products just in time for summer.  Both are ocean related!

Anne is offering you this Simple Study on Marine Biomes. In it, you will learn about the five oceans, marine food chains, and how life influences life under the sea. 

I’m offering you a brand new Virtual Fieldtrip (with lapbook printables) to the amazing Georgia Aquarium!  I’ve been here myself several times and it is breathtaking!

Each product is about $2, do got only $4 total, you can engage your children in some fun summertime activities (they won’t even know they are learning!).


Moore Relief Effort Bundle

I am pleased to announce that Teacher’s Notebook has created a bundle of products with 100% of the proceeding going to Moore Relief Efforts.  There are just a few hours left to purchase, so be sure to jump online and check that out.  You can get over $2,000 worth of donated teaching products for a donation of $20.  I was proud to donate “Reasons for the Season” to the bundle.  I just found out that every teacher from Plaza Towers and Briarwood Elementary School in Moore will have free access to the donated products as well.

Please check out this bundle tonight.

Moore Relief Effort Bundle


How to write and sell eBooks-free ebook



Stack of Library Books










Summer’s here and schools out!  Maybe you will have a little extra time this summer to try your hand at writing an eBook.  I’d like to offer my How to Write and Sell  eBooks the Simple Way eBook.  It’s been highlighted on Money Saving Mom.  If you have questions, I’m just an email away this summer!

If you do decide to sell eBooks through Teachers Pay Teacher, please use this referral link:


Thanks so much!!
Download your free eBook How to write and sell eBooks the Simple Way here.

Words – free poster

Words poster










I have been thinking a lot about my words lately.  I just heard a song on the radio that I love.  It is called Words by Hawk Nelson.  Click here to listen on Godtube.

I made a poster that I’ll stick on my refrigerator as a reminder.  Feel free to download it here.  I also often borrow a pink silly band from my kids and wear it as a visual reminder to “hold my tongue.”  The song says it best, “I don’t want to say a word unless it points the world back to You,”

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.  Psalm 19, NASB

Teacher’s Notebook May Teaching Event – tomorrow!

If you haven’t already done so, please consider helping me spread the word about this great teaching event, which goes live TOMORROW!  I was thrilled to be asked to be one of the presenters for this Teacher’s Notebook May event.  

Please click on the link above to purchase a ticket for only $10.  You will receive $100 of free product with the purchase of your ticket and will be able to watch all of the video teacher presentations.  Please forward, pin, etc. and help me spread the word.



Sunday School – Gideon









Our church is using the Gospel Project curriculum from Lifeway for Children’s Sunday School.  It is a great curriculum that is accompanied by Bible Story videos, which we use most weeks.  Many of the videos involve sack puppets acting out the stories.  The kids LOVE the ones like this!

For the week of Gideon, sack puppets were not used for the Story Video.  I decided to create sack puppets of our own and let some of the kids help me re-create this story during Sunday School.

Here’s the Gideon sack puppet skit I used, if anyone else is interested in doing this for a Sunday School lesson on Gideon.  I read the script and the kids used the puppets to do the actions highlighted in the skit as I came to that part.

Let me know if you have questions!



Spring Cleaning Series #4 card keeper









I’m doing a Spring Cleaning series right now.  Each week (on Saturday) I will be posting a new idea for either cleaning or organizing.


Idea #4


Card Keeper



Looking for a way to organize all those cards your children get for birthdays and holidays?  Why not make a card keeper? The  one that I will show you today will hold tons of cards and then when your child leaves home one day, what a great keepsake this card box will be!

Here’s what you do…









We re-purposed a corn dog box for this card keeper.  My daughter decoupaged it with scrapbook paper cut into strips.

That’s it!

Now just fill it with cards as they come in!



Mother’s Day Card – preschoolers

cupcake liner flower








Looking for a quick Mother’s Day craft for Sunday School tomorrow?  Here’s a really easy one!

  • Print these cards on card stock.
  • I purchased the flower cupcake liner from Walmart for about $3 (pack of 24).
  • I also purchased the mini white cupcake liners at Walmart for about $1.50 (pack of 100).
  • Use double sided tape to put a piece of candy in the middle. (I chose Hershey’s Bliss)









The above card is what our preschoolers will make.  Our babies at church will make these fingerprint bookmarks.   You can download and print the bookmarks from the site Share and Remember.  (I hope that Share and Remember doesn’t mind, but I used the stem and petal from her bookmark as the stem/petal on my card, above.  I thought it was really a cute style.)



Sunday School – Deborah and Barak craft

Our church uses the Gospel Project curriculum from Lifeway for Sunday School.

I decided to do a little different craft than the one suggested for this week.  The story is about Deborah and Barak.

Judges 5:1, “Then sang Deborah and Barak the son of Abinoam on that day…”

After God delivered them from their enemies, Deborah and Barak sang and praised Him.

Our preschoolers will make maracas using a plastic Easter egg, two plastic spoons, rice, masking tape, and markers.

I found this craft idea here.  How creative!

You might even want to wrap the entire thing with tape so the egg and spoons aren’t showing.  I’ve also seen another version that used colorful tape instead of the masking tape, but I thought it would give the kids more to do if they colored their own.

photo source:

Spring Cleaning Series #3 stuffed animal storage solution

Junior Pink Flower Bean Bag Cover

Each week I’m posting a new Spring Cleaning tip.  Here’s the third one.

Spring Cleaning Series…

#3  Stuffed Animal Storage Solution

If you have a daughter, then chances are you have stuffed animals galore!  My daughter loves them and won’t part with any of them.  But, they are taking up way too much space!  So here’s a solution.  (I can’t take credit for this one… I read it somewhere years ago.  I just can’t remember where!)

Here’s what you do…

Purchase a colorful bean bag cover.   Check out this one from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It’s a Junior size, but is only $12.99.  I just saw similar ones at Walmart for about the same price.

Fill the cover with stuffed animals instead of the bean bag filling.

Stuffed animals make a really nice cushy bean bag and whenever your daughter wants to play with them, she just unzips and there they all are!

Tip:  Unless your daughter sits on the beanbag a lot, the animals shouldn’t get too unshapely.  However; just to be sure, only put those “stuffies” that aren’t her favorites in the bag. 🙂

Photo credit:  Bed Bath and Beyond