Spring Break at home? Five Fun Things to do

Are you having Spring Break at home like we are this year?  If so, here are five fun ideas we’re doing this week.

1 – Human Board Game – we went outside and drew a board on the driveway with sidewalk chalk.  We added places on the board like “Go back to places” and drew a dragon and “Go forward 2 spaces” and drew a secret passageway.  We used a regular dice.  We were the game pieces…we just walked forward and stood on the space we should be on.

2 – Chalkboard Paint – get creative with chalkboard paint.  We are painting the side of a plastic storage bucket.  The one we are working on now is going to say “Recycle” and house all of those empty chip canisters, soda bottles, egg cartons, etc. so the kids can create new things.  We’ve also painted the glass in old picture frames and they turned out really neat.  We have one hanging in our kitchen where we write our weekly memory verse.

3 – Planting – we have been planting up a storm.  The kids have been planting flower seeds, tomato seeds, and cucumber seeds in little pots inside.  We even planted “egg heads” (you can use leftover Easter Eggs if you still have any in the refrigerator)  You will need an egg shell that has been cracked carefully at one end so that most of the shell remains.  Draw on a face and add soil and grass seeds.  The grass will be the “hair.”

4 – Playdough – playdough is always a fun idea!  Just put down an sheet or tablecloth so cleanup is a snap.  I save the kids’ plastic birthday party tablecloths to use for things like this.  You can simply take outside and shake clean or just fold up and throw away when you are finished with a craft project like planting, painting, or playdough.

5 – Recycled Creations – create something new from something recycled.  This is an idea that my children kind of scoff at at first, but once they get into it, they love it and come up with some pretty neat things.  Recently, they made boats and we floated them in the stream near our home to see if they were sea worthy.

I’d love for you to share more fun ideas you do to make Spring Break special for your kids.




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