Live Differently – Family Devo ideas for March

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Today is Mentoring Moments’ “In His Presence” Friday Link Up.  I’m a contributor and the article today is all about living differently. Be sure to visit so you can download the poster above free.

The Family Time section of this month’s Home Life magazine had some great ideas for getting your whole family to live differently during the month of March.  Our church gives these magazines away free, but if your church doesn’t, you can get a Spring Bundle for only $4.80 through their website. This price includes the March, April and May issues!!!

The first thing the article suggests is that you start off by having a “different” kind of meal.  They suggest you eat under the table!  Won’t your kids love that!  Serve the food upside down…like hotdogs on the outside of an upside down bun and stick the straw through the bottom of the juice box!

Next, complete a fun art project that will remind your family that you are living “differently” this month.  Purchase a white poster board and have everyone paint on the matte side of it using paintbrushes held by their feet!  Use black duct tape to frame the edges, if you’d like and then hang this modern art piece in a prominent location for the month.

Family Devo:

Read Mark 9:35.

Emphasize how Jesus taught that we should put others first and our-self last.  (Romans 3)

Talk about when it’s hard to put others first.

How did Jesus demonstrate this life principal?  Brainstorm examples.

The magazine even includes a pull out calendar with a family memory verse listed for each week; all geared toward “living differently.”

Mark 9:35

Philippians 2:3

James 4:6b

John 3:30

Mark 10:45

Also be sure to check out the Home Life blog for a printable calendar with a suggested Scripture reading and discussion starter for every  day. Go to the blog and look at the right column for the heading Calendar.  (I just checked and the Feb. calendar is still posted…keep checking for them to update the site and post the March calendar.)


2 comments on “Live Differently – Family Devo ideas for March

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  2. Pingback: Family Time devotion and calendar for April | Kathy Hutto

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