CCS and GPS Poster Sets

I have been working on and off for about two weeks on the CCS (Common Core Standards) and GPS (Georgia Professional Standards) poster sets that I sell through Teachers Pay Teachers.

I blew up the font on these sets and brought the price down from $10 to $5 to offset printing costs for teachers.

I would be so grateful if you would pass this information along to any teachers that you know.

Also, if you homeschool your children and will be using the ITBS these may be helpful to you as well.  I spoke with a Testing Representative from BJU (where we order tests) and she said the ITBS has been updated and is aligned with the Common Core Standards.  I’ve used these standards to teach my own daughter Language Arts and Math this year..I’ve just pulled resources to go along with these very basic, grade-level standards.


Common Core Standards Posters -Language Arts/Reading & Math

Kindergarten – Language Arts and Math

First Grade – Language Arts and Math

Second Grade – Language Arts & Math

Third Grade – Language Arts & Math

Fourth Grade – Language Arts & Math

Fifth Grade – Language Arts & Math

Georgia Professional Standards Posters – Science & Social Studies

Kindergarten – Science & Social Studies

First Grade – Science & Social Studies

Second Grade – Science & Social Studies

Third Grade – Science & Social Studies

Fourth Grade – Science & Social Studies

Fifth Grade – Science & Social Studies


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