Star Wars Valentine Holder from a cereal box

It’s that time again!  Time to make Valentine card holders!  Click here to see our recycled vegetable can holders from a few years back.

My children are a little older this year, so I let them design their own and I was soo impressed with the results!

Here’s my son’s box:







He painted a cereal box black.  He then painted two toothpaste boxes (trial size) grey.  We bought the Yoda box from Walmart.  It’s actually a card holder itself, but was way too small to hold all his cards.  It was about $3.50 in the Valentine card section.  We hot glued it to the front of the cereal box.  He added star stickers.  He wanted to put lollipops in the two side boxes so his friends could just grab one during our homeschool Valentine Skating party.

I’ll post my daughter’s Valentine holder later in the week.  We’re still working on it!  (Spoiler…it’s a beauty salon box!)

Kathy 🙂


2 comments on “Star Wars Valentine Holder from a cereal box

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