Printable New Year’s Eve Survey and Homemade Toasting Glasses

New Year's Eve Survey for time capsule

New Year’s Eve Survey for time capsule

I hope that you are planning an eventful night as we ring in 2013!  If you need a little inspiration, here are a couple of ideas:

Why not have a New Year’s Eve bonfire.  It can be as simple as hotdogs..chips..and s’mores.  Also, don’t forget to make a 2012 time capsule.  We did this last year and it was a lot of fun.  We each filled out the Happy New Year sheet and then put some items that reminded us of the year in a clean potato chip canister that we had covered and decorated with construction paper and markers.  Of course, we also toasted with white grape juice.  This year, we will be using glasses that I made for only $2 per glass. (directions below)


Directions for making the glasses:

I know you’ve seen these glasses in stores.  My hats off to the inventor!   How clever!  As a homeschooler, I just couldn’t afford to buy these, so I went to our Dollar Store and bought mason jars and glass candle holders.  Next, I headed to Walmart and bought a waterproof, clear glue.  There are so many to choose from.  Don’t stress about which one…just be sure it’s waterproof and clear-that’s it!  I paid about $2.50.  I turned each glass upside down and laid the candlestick on top to see where I needed to put the ring of glue.  I applied the glue to the glass and then sat the candle stick on top and let it sit to dry (according to glue package directions).   One tip I do have that’s pretty important is that you need to be sure you get the glue all the way around evenly so that the candle stick will go on with no little spaces to let water in.  I didn’t seal one of mine evenly and a little water got in and now I can see some moisture in there after I wash it.  It’s no biggie and we still use it; and it was only $2, so I’ll eventually just make a new one.

Happy New Year!


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