Christmas copywork – free download (second week)

Christmas copywork 2nd week

Here’s the copywork for this week.  It’s Luke 2:10-12.

Just to recap…

I created a copy work poster for my children to do each week during December. Last week, we did Luke 2:7-9.  This week, Luke 2:10-12.  And the week before Christmas, we will write Luke 2:13-14. (It’s shorter since this will probably be a busy week.  Also, you may want to see if they can write the whole thing (vs. 7-14) this week from memory.)  I used KJV.

I told my children to use their best handwriting (either print or cursive) and we will hang these and work at memorizing the verses we write each week.  By Christmas, we will have written and memorized Luke 2:7-14.

Click  or on the picture above to download.  Let me know if you have any problems.

If your children write really big, then you may want to have them start on a blank handwriting sheet.  You can download that here.

Here’s the link to last week’s post with the copywork sheet.


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