Ten Plagues of Egypt slide show

I created a Ten Plagues of Egypt Power Point slide show to use with the children I teach at my church.  It includes all ten plagues and the Egyptian god each represented.  For example, the 9th plague was Darkness – God was showing that He was more powerful than the Egyptian so-called god Ra (sun god).  God wanted the Egyptians and Israelites to know He is the One True God. 

Download this presentation for free below.  I saved it as a PDF because sometimes if you use a different version of Power Point, it won’t open up.

10 Plagues

If you have any problems, email me and I’ll send it to you directly.


Note:  I used the John MacArthur Study Bible for the Egyptian Deity list.  I also used several internet sources to try to verify.  I’m hoping this list is accurate.  There are several gods that could have fit for certain plagues.  For example, Hathor and Nut for Lice.


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