Reasons for the Season

I wanted to remind you about some ways you can keep Christ in Christmas this holiday season and support a homeschooling family while you’re at it 😉

Here are some resources I have available through Currclick.  Would you please help me spread the word?

Thank you so much!

Reasons for the Season $5 – A family devotional guide for all of the days of December.  Each day, your family will learn about the meaning behind Christmas traditions like gingerbread men, garland, and poinsettias.  There is a family memory verse to work on each week, discussion starter, discussion, and activity included for every day.

Journal Prompts for the Christmas Season $2.99 – Includes journal prompts and information on the topic for every day of December leading up to Christmas.  It also includes Language Arts lessons.  Store those LA books and let your child create a wonderful keepsake journal this holiday season.

Christmas Fun Book – $2.99 – Fifty page book filled with Word Searches, Holiday Sudoku Puzzles, Coloring Pages, Silly Stories (like Mad Libs), ABC order, Mazes, and more.

Christmas Traditions for the Week of Christmas – $1 – There are meaningful activities for Monday through Sunday, Christmas breakfast recipes, Happy Birthday  Jesus party ideas, and more. There are also ready-made, family devotions for each night of the week.

Playful Penguins File Folder Game – 50 cents – a colorful file folder game for preschoolers who need to practice number recognition (1-10).

All About Winter Unit – $2.99 – Turn your home into a Winter Wonderland with this activities!  Includes activities for all subject areas for multiple age groups.

All About Reindeer – 50 cents – This reindeer booklet contains learning ideas for Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies, Handwriting, and Game Time.  It also includes craft ideas all related to the reindeer.

Little House on the Prairie, The Long Winter Activity Guide – 50 cents – This The Long Winter Activity Guide contains information about who Laura Ingalls Wilder was, the Homestead Act, Pioneering Life, Vocabulary, Online Fieldtrip ideas, Arts and Crafts, Recipes, Assessments and Quizes.  We have scoured the web and have compiled the best sites making it easy for you to implement this activity guide into your busy homeschooling day.

Penguin Sight Words – $2.00 – This set includes 55 word cards shaped like penguins.  Students put the words then know into an igloo.

Also, don’t forget that Christmas is a great time to take a Virtual Fieldtrip.  There are many to choose from.  They are each only $2.

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