Thanksgiving Preschool Art Ideas

Here are some simple art projects to do with your kiddos during Thanksgiving break.  Sorry I don’t have cute pictures to go along with them.  This is an excerpt from my A to Z Toddler And  Preschool Curriculum.

  • Turkey Placemat-Purchase a cloth placemat in a light color (such as tan or pale yellow); paint toddler’s hand to look like a turkey by painting the thumb and palm brown (body and head) and the fingers various Fall colors like pointer finger-red,tall finger-yellow, ring finger-orange; and pinky finger-green; use fabric markers to add eye and orange beak and to write Happy Thanksgiving; These will be keepsakes!
  • Baby Food Jar Thanksgiving Candle Votive-cut orange, brown and yellow tissue paper into small square; have toddler paint glue onto outside of clean baby food jar and then stick tissue squares on the glue; when finished brush all over with glue to smooth down corners of tissue paper squares; when dry add tea light candle and place on Thanksgiving table for decoration
  • Paper Bag Turkey-decorate brown lunch sack with markers; stuff with newspapers and twist end closed and up to resemble turkey head; glue on feathers cut from construction paper
  • Paper Plate Collage: have your child help you find pictures of foods he loves in magazines; cut them out and have toddler glue them on the paper plate (or use the cornucopia coloring sheet included in this resource)
  • Pillow Case Indian Vest-cut arms holes in side of white or light colored pillow case and cut down the middle in front; have toddler decorate with markers or fabric paint
  • Indian Head Band-Use long strip of black construction paper for the headband and have toddler clue on craft feathers or colorful feathers you cut from construction paper
  • Corn Painting-roll ear of corn in paint that is spread on paper plate; have toddler roll the corn over white paper; use several corn cobs and several colors paint for pretty, textured art work
  • Indian Bracelets-cut toilet roll in half and down the middle to make “clamp bracelets;” have toddler use markers, craft jewels/sequins, or glitter to decorate
  • Feather Painting-use craft feathers as you would paint brushes

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