Reasons for the Season Family Devotions eBook

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I wanted to make available my Reasons for the Season family devotions eBook.  I hope it blesses your family and helps you focus on Christ this holiday season.  Be sure to pass this offer along.  I’ve heard from several churches and Christian schools that will be using this resource as well.

Here’s the description:

Updated for the 2012 calendar year, this resource will help your holiday focus to be 100% on Christ.

I know how busy the season can be, so I wanted to have a plan upfront. I wanted to focus on one aspect of Christmas for each of the 24 days leading up to it. This resource includes 24 meaningful Family Devotions developed to fit into any busy schedule. With just 15 minutes a day, you can help your family discover Reasons to celebrate Christmas without forgetting Christ.

Beginning December 1, countdown to Christmas with these meaningful and educational Family Devotions.

24 Reasons to Count Down Christmas

1. The Reason Behind Christmas Trees
2. The Reason Behind the Treetop Star
3. The Reason Behind Christmas Carols
4. The Reason Behind Nativities
5. The Reason Behind Christmas Stockings
6. The Reason Behind Poinsettia Plants
7. The Reason Behind Garland
8. The Reason Behind Christmas Wreaths
9. The Reason Behind Christmas Lights
10. The Reason Behind Candy Canes
11. The Reason Behind Reindeer
12. The Reason Behind Christmas Parades
13. The Reason Behind Gingerbread Men
14. The Reason Behind Nutcrackers
15. The Reasons Behind Traditions Around the World
16. The Reason Behind Christmas Cards
17. The Reason Behind Christmas Cookies
18. The Reason Behind Gift Giving at Christmas
19. The Reason Behind John the Baptist’s Birth
20. The Reason Behind The Journey to Bethlehem
21. The Reason Behind the Shepherds’ Visit
22. The Reason Behind the Christmas Star & The Wise Men’s Visit (and When it Likely Happened)
23. The Reason Behind Jesus’ Birth
24. The Reason Behind the true Christmas Story

Also includes Advent Ideas.


Happy Thanksgiving & TpT Cyber Monday Sale

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Ten Plagues of Egypt slide show

I created a Ten Plagues of Egypt Power Point slide show to use with the children I teach at my church.  It includes all ten plagues and the Egyptian god each represented.  For example, the 9th plague was Darkness – God was showing that He was more powerful than the Egyptian so-called god Ra (sun god).  God wanted the Egyptians and Israelites to know He is the One True God. 

Download this presentation for free below.  I saved it as a PDF because sometimes if you use a different version of Power Point, it won’t open up.

10 Plagues

If you have any problems, email me and I’ll send it to you directly.


Note:  I used the John MacArthur Study Bible for the Egyptian Deity list.  I also used several internet sources to try to verify.  I’m hoping this list is accurate.  There are several gods that could have fit for certain plagues.  For example, Hathor and Nut for Lice.

Reasons for the Season

I wanted to remind you about some ways you can keep Christ in Christmas this holiday season and support a homeschooling family while you’re at it 😉

Here are some resources I have available through Currclick.  Would you please help me spread the word?

Thank you so much!

Reasons for the Season $5 – A family devotional guide for all of the days of December.  Each day, your family will learn about the meaning behind Christmas traditions like gingerbread men, garland, and poinsettias.  There is a family memory verse to work on each week, discussion starter, discussion, and activity included for every day.

Journal Prompts for the Christmas Season $2.99 – Includes journal prompts and information on the topic for every day of December leading up to Christmas.  It also includes Language Arts lessons.  Store those LA books and let your child create a wonderful keepsake journal this holiday season.

Christmas Fun Book – $2.99 – Fifty page book filled with Word Searches, Holiday Sudoku Puzzles, Coloring Pages, Silly Stories (like Mad Libs), ABC order, Mazes, and more.

Christmas Traditions for the Week of Christmas – $1 – There are meaningful activities for Monday through Sunday, Christmas breakfast recipes, Happy Birthday  Jesus party ideas, and more. There are also ready-made, family devotions for each night of the week.

Playful Penguins File Folder Game – 50 cents – a colorful file folder game for preschoolers who need to practice number recognition (1-10).

All About Winter Unit – $2.99 – Turn your home into a Winter Wonderland with this activities!  Includes activities for all subject areas for multiple age groups.

All About Reindeer – 50 cents – This reindeer booklet contains learning ideas for Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies, Handwriting, and Game Time.  It also includes craft ideas all related to the reindeer.

Little House on the Prairie, The Long Winter Activity Guide – 50 cents – This The Long Winter Activity Guide contains information about who Laura Ingalls Wilder was, the Homestead Act, Pioneering Life, Vocabulary, Online Fieldtrip ideas, Arts and Crafts, Recipes, Assessments and Quizes.  We have scoured the web and have compiled the best sites making it easy for you to implement this activity guide into your busy homeschooling day.

Penguin Sight Words – $2.00 – This set includes 55 word cards shaped like penguins.  Students put the words then know into an igloo.

Also, don’t forget that Christmas is a great time to take a Virtual Fieldtrip.  There are many to choose from.  They are each only $2.

Homeschool Blog Awards

I’ve been nominated for the Homeschool Blog Awards!  Yea!!  Please take a moment to vote for me.  Voting ends this Friday, November 16!  Yikes!  Click the picture below and scroll allll the way down for the categories.  Mine is under Best Homeschool Variety…Toddler Bites.




Thanksgiving Preschool Art Ideas

Here are some simple art projects to do with your kiddos during Thanksgiving break.  Sorry I don’t have cute pictures to go along with them.  This is an excerpt from my A to Z Toddler And  Preschool Curriculum.

  • Turkey Placemat-Purchase a cloth placemat in a light color (such as tan or pale yellow); paint toddler’s hand to look like a turkey by painting the thumb and palm brown (body and head) and the fingers various Fall colors like pointer finger-red,tall finger-yellow, ring finger-orange; and pinky finger-green; use fabric markers to add eye and orange beak and to write Happy Thanksgiving; These will be keepsakes!
  • Baby Food Jar Thanksgiving Candle Votive-cut orange, brown and yellow tissue paper into small square; have toddler paint glue onto outside of clean baby food jar and then stick tissue squares on the glue; when finished brush all over with glue to smooth down corners of tissue paper squares; when dry add tea light candle and place on Thanksgiving table for decoration
  • Paper Bag Turkey-decorate brown lunch sack with markers; stuff with newspapers and twist end closed and up to resemble turkey head; glue on feathers cut from construction paper
  • Paper Plate Collage: have your child help you find pictures of foods he loves in magazines; cut them out and have toddler glue them on the paper plate (or use the cornucopia coloring sheet included in this resource)
  • Pillow Case Indian Vest-cut arms holes in side of white or light colored pillow case and cut down the middle in front; have toddler decorate with markers or fabric paint
  • Indian Head Band-Use long strip of black construction paper for the headband and have toddler clue on craft feathers or colorful feathers you cut from construction paper
  • Corn Painting-roll ear of corn in paint that is spread on paper plate; have toddler roll the corn over white paper; use several corn cobs and several colors paint for pretty, textured art work
  • Indian Bracelets-cut toilet roll in half and down the middle to make “clamp bracelets;” have toddler use markers, craft jewels/sequins, or glitter to decorate
  • Feather Painting-use craft feathers as you would paint brushes

Journal Prompts for the Christmas Season

How does having a meaningful Language Arts, Handwriting, and Journal Writing experience all in one resource sound?

Journal Prompts for the Christmas Season includes 24 Journal Prompts and lessons on the parts of speech including: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions/phrases. Also included, is a lesson on poetry and letter writing. There are lessons for both younger and older age groups.

There is extra handwriting paper at the end of this eBook in case your student needs more room to write than is provided on each page.

Check it out here at Currclick.



Fun Timeline Figures – from Creation to the Resurrection

I finally finished a resource I’ve been working on for a while.  It’s called Fun Timeline Figures and it corresponds with The Mystery of History, Vol. 1.

This packet includes a COMPLETE printable timeline with names and dates already printed for you as well as alllll of the timeline figures that you need to complete a study of History from Creation to the Resurrection.  This resource corresponds with The Mystery of History by Linda Lacour Hobar, which I HIGHLY recommend!

The reason that I’m calling this Fun Timeline Figures is because each item that you add to the timeline is NOT your print and glue generic image.  Instead your children will be wrapping a gingerbread type cutout in toilet paper to create a mummy…making a tiny paper chain…adding glitter to Cleopatra…etc.  After all, the more you engage your children in the process, the more they will retain!

Hope you enjoy this packet and that it will be a big time-saver!!

To order from Currclick, click here.