Island Hopping – Rounding to Tens

I recently found this awesome lesson plan for teaching how to round to tens!  It’s called Island Hopping.  Check it out here.

Basically, we went outside and used sidewalk chalk to draw a long string of islands on the driveway.  I added number lines between them (to connect them).  All the rain we’ve had recently totally washed our drawings away or I would run out and take a picture for you!

I gave my daughter a number and she had to find it and then decide which island it was closest to.  How fun is it to do Math outside!?!  We had a blast!

I just created a packet called Island Hopping – Rounding to Tens, which includes worksheets and an assessment to go along with them.  These sheets correspond with the lesson at the link above.  You can purchase them here.  They are $4, but that includes one sheet for four days and then an assessment for Friday.  I even included the Keys.

Spread the word!  Thanks sooo much!!

This set is also for sale on Teacherspayteachers.


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