I Made it Myself Breakfast Burrito

Some of you may have read my I Made it Myself Pie post a while back.  I have an eight year old daughter who has outgrown the Easy Bake Oven stage and is ready for some “real” cooking projects that she can do mostly all by herself.

Recently, she has been making these very simple breakfast burritos.  I stand near the stove and supervise, but she can whip these out pretty much all by herself.  She is sooo proud of herself when she makes her own breakfast!!

First, she cracks and scrambles one egg.

She puts about one teaspoon of butter in a small pan.

She turns on the stove to medium heat.

When the butter has melted, she pours in her egg.

She knows to wait a bit and then stir them slowly until they don’t look runny any more.  (I’m always standing by the stove too – to make sure they are done.)

While those are cooking, she puts a flour tortilla on a plate and pops it into the microwave for 10 seconds.

She takes that out, spoons the scrambled eggs down the middle of the tortilla and then sprinkles shredded cheese (shredded in advance) on top.

She rolls these up.  If the cheese doesn’t melt completely, she puts it into the microwave for about 5 to 8 seconds more.

That’s it!  My son likes his with sausage or ham in addition to the egg and cheese.  You can add mushrooms, peppers, or whatever you like to these super easy (and super affordable) breakfast burritos!

By Kathy Hutto Posted in Recipes

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