Bible Adventures book series

The  Adventure has begun!!

My first book in the Bible Adventure series is finally finished!!!  Yeah!!

It’s entitled, A Man with Two Names – the story of Paul.

You can purchase it on Amazon.

It’s a book straight from the pages of Scripture.  In fact, it includes most of the book of Acts!  A tween narrator named Jayar has written his comments and Word Checks throughout the book.

Jayar has also included some maps that he drew to show the four journeys Paul went on.  The maps even show where Paul was stoned (but lived) and shipwrecked!

Before your child knows it, he or she will have read through much of the book of Acts!

Check it out!  After all, the best adventures of all time can be found in the Bible!

And be sure to visit our brand spanking new blog!  We hope it will be mostly for children.  With the help of my middle schooler, we will be adding a “boredom buster” activity every Friday.  The one for this week is a homemade water sprinkler using a 2L soda bottle!  Fun!!

Book Cover

How to Write and Sell eBooks the Simple way updated

I just updated my eBook, How to Write and Sell eBooks the Simple Way.

One of the updates I included was a site I just discovered for selling your eBooks.  It’s a site much like Teacherspayteachers where you can sell your curricula or eBooks to other teachers.

It’s called Teachers Notebook.  The site requires a small sign up fee of about $20.  Once you sign up and pay the fee, you get to keep 100% of your profit.  The site is very user friendly and is really well done!

You can check out the items I have posted so far on Teacher’s Notebook here:

I also included a description of using Pinterest as a marketing tool for your eBook in the update.


Homeschool Compliance

If you haven’t checked out, you need to!  It made life sooo much easier last year.  For a very small yearly subscription price, owner, Scott Meadows, emails you a monthly attendance sheet.  You just click to add a check to the days that your children “did school.”

Our state will now be requiring that we submit attendance sheets yearly to the state (not local school system).  Scott will still send those monthly attendance sheets and then compile them into a yearly report for us to send in.

It couldn’t be simpler.  What a load off my mind!!



Currclick Back to School Sale

Currclick is having it’s annual Back to School Sale and it’s half way over!  If you haven’t gone to check it out, be sure you do so!  There are sooo many titles for homeschoolers and even Live classes!

Click here to go directly to Currlick.

If you want to see the items I have for sale on Currclick, click here.  All my titles are on sale!  All of the Virtual Fieldtrips are only 60 cents each!!




Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale

Teachers Pay Teachers is having their annual Back to School sale August 12th-13th. They’ll be offering their usual 10% off, with many store owners offering up to an additional 20% off.

Every item in my own store will be on sale. Be sure to head over to TeachersPayTeachers to take full advantage of this awesome sale!  Please spread the word.

Thanks, Kathy 🙂

Common Core and Essential Questions posters

I had to pull a couple of all-nighters, but I finally finished updating the Common Core Standards and have added Essential Question posters for K through 5th grades.  These are for sale on Teacherspayteachers!  I just replaced the old file with the updated one.  Please, please help me spread the word to any teachers that you know. (link below)

I spoke with an Instructional Specialist and she helped me make sure these posters were what administrators would be looking for in the classrooms.  They include a Standards Poster with a more detailed reference number AND the Essential Questions poster to go along with the standard.

Use clipboards with polka dot ribbon to display these.  The clipboards make them easy to change out.

Here’s the link to my store: