Mentoring Moments Facebook Party Give Away & Book Reveal

Okay, so I hope you have been enjoying Mentoring Moments’ Facebook Party!  It’s been a blast!

As promised, I will be giving away the Reasons for the Season eBook that includes Family Devotions and activities for EVERY night in December leading up to Christmas!  It was a blessing to our family last year and I pray it will bless yours this year as well!!  All you have to do is follow this blog or email me tonight by 10:00, and I will get the free eBook to you ASAP!

And now for the big reveal…I have just finished a new book that will be part of a series for children!  The series is called Bible Adventures.  After all, the best adventures can be found in the Bible!!  The book I have just finished is entitled, A Man with Two Names..the story of Paul.  Take a sneak peak at the cover below.  The book will be for sale through Currclick and Amazon in print form only.  Please follow this blog so that you will know when it becomes available to purchase…which should be within the week.

Let me tell you a little bit about how this book came about.  The idea came to me during a three day fast.  God gave me the idea and has constantly prompted me to finish it ever since.  Kids today really need to read Scripture, however picking up a big Bible can sometimes seem overwhelming.  But, the power is in the Word, not a paraphrased version of it.  So…after getting permission from the NASB to use as many verses as I needed, I was on my way.  This book is a chapter book, full of parts of the book of Acts that follows Paul’s life from conversion (and it even backs up a little and includes Stephen) though his missionary journeys and trip to Rome.

The main character (besides Paul, of course), is a tween named Jayar.  He puts his comments throughout and has added Word Checks to make the hard words understandable.  I consulted so many sources to make sure this book was accurate!  You should see the End Notes where I cited the sources!  Whew!!  I chose the NASB because I believe it to be accurate and easily readable, but I consulted many versions in putting together this book.

I have prayed over this book and for the readers and I am so excited because I feel like it’s what the Lord wanted me to do!  That IS a good feeling. My one desire is to glorify Him!!

Oh, and one more surprise…anyone who follows this blog tonight (7/31/12), will receive a coupon off the price of this 80 page chapter book, which will sell for $5.99.




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