Make a Kid’s Car Organizer for free

My van constantly stays cluttered with the kid’s stuff, so I decided to make a car organizer.  I thought it would be a great simple sewing project for daughter.

We just looked around the house for fabric.  We found this purple and black print in our bucket of fabric scraps.  You could also use an old shirt or pillow case.  Your husband’s old shirt would probably give you enough fabric.

We cut one large piece of fabric for the back and three small pieces for the pockets.   I let my daughter iron the pieces.  We folded down the edges and sewed a seam around every edge on all four pieces.  We then lay the “pocket” pieces on top of the larger piece and sewed them into place – right on top of the back piece…no turning inside out or anything like that.

We then looked in her hairbow drawer and found a hair accessory that had lots of ribbons that she didn’t wear anymore.  We sewed a ribbon on each corner so that we could tie the organizer to the van seat.  We tied the extra ribbon to the corners just to make it look cuter.

Voila!  A car organizer and it was FREE and took very little time to make!!  She stores a little bottle of hand sanitizer, a small pack of tissues, games, coloring book, etc. in here.


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