Make a Kid’s Car Organizer for free

My van constantly stays cluttered with the kid’s stuff, so I decided to make a car organizer.  I thought it would be a great simple sewing project for daughter.

We just looked around the house for fabric.  We found this purple and black print in our bucket of fabric scraps.  You could also use an old shirt or pillow case.  Your husband’s old shirt would probably give you enough fabric.

We cut one large piece of fabric for the back and three small pieces for the pockets.   I let my daughter iron the pieces.  We folded down the edges and sewed a seam around every edge on all four pieces.  We then lay the “pocket” pieces on top of the larger piece and sewed them into place – right on top of the back piece…no turning inside out or anything like that.

We then looked in her hairbow drawer and found a hair accessory that had lots of ribbons that she didn’t wear anymore.  We sewed a ribbon on each corner so that we could tie the organizer to the van seat.  We tied the extra ribbon to the corners just to make it look cuter.

Voila!  A car organizer and it was FREE and took very little time to make!!  She stores a little bottle of hand sanitizer, a small pack of tissues, games, coloring book, etc. in here.


Common Core Standards Posters

I just finished (after an all-nighter last night) a packet of posters that includes ALL of the Common Core Standards for 4th grade.  I chose to start with this grade because it’s the grade my sister teaches.

If you have any teacher-friends, please spread the word for me.  I just started selling via Teacherspayteachers and I trying to build up my followers.  I plan to work on all of the other grade levels and should have those up very soon!



FREE Sunday School Lesson for Father’s Day

father's day free sunday school lesson and crafts picture








Here’s a FREE Sunday School lesson for Father’s Day.

We meet in a large group when students first arrive.  We will be acting out the story of the Prodigal Son.  This lesson provides a great example of how a good earthly father and points toward our Heavenly Father.  All the printables you need are provided below!

Father’s Day  Sunday School Lesson


God is our Heavenly Father.

Memory Verse:

Psalms 86:5, “You are forgiving and good, O Lord, abounding in love to all who call to you.”

Life Applications:

God is our Heavenly Father.  He is forgiving; meets our needs; knows us; gives good gifts; is in control; and cares about our future.

In the Classroom:

Today is Father’s Day.  Let’s list some characteristics of our dads.  (Let the children list these orally.)  It’s important that we thank God for our dads.  (Be sensitive to those children who may not have a daddy present in the home.)

God is known as our Heavenly Father.  What makes Him like a father?  There are some characteristics of God that we will discuss today that you probably listed as those of a good earthly father.  Remember that earthly fathers are human and make mistakes sometimes, but we can always count on our Heavenly Father.

God is loving.

Read Romans 5:8 and Psalm 86:5

God is forgiving.

Read Matthew 6:14

God knows what we need and meets our needs.

Read Matthew 6:32 and Matthew 6:26

God knows all about you.

Read Luke 12:7

God gives good gifts.

Read Luke 11:13

God is in control.

Read Matthew 15:13

God is concerned about your future.

Read Jeremiah 29:11

If time…

Have everyone find Luke 15:11-31, in their own Bibles.

Read the “Parable of the Lost Son” from Luke 15:11-31 or tell it in your own words. (this will be acted out during large group time)

Memory Verse Activity:

Use the neck tie sheet to put the verse in order.  You can do this as a class, individually, or even have your students glue these in order on construction paper.

Download here: father’s day memory verse ties to unscramble


Younger Kids – “Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad…Hands Down!” card – Paint the kids’ hands and have them press their hands upside down (with the fingertips pointing toward the bottom of the sheet)

Download here: father’s day handprint craft

Older Kids –  Father’s Day Pencil Can  – decoupage words torn from magazines or newspapers using watered down school glue

father's day pencil can photo







Review the lesson above

Coloring pages

Sing, “Father Abraham.”

Complete the “I Like Daddy Because” survey

Download here: father’s day I like Daddy Because sheet

Act out the story of the Prodigal Son using the free lesson found here.