Cheesy Ragu ideas and freebie

Ok, if you haven’t discovered Cheesy Ragu (Double Cheedar) sauce, it’s awesome!  Not only can you toss your pasta shells or shaghetti noodles with it, but you can also use it instead of a block of Velveeta (and in my opinion, it’s way better).  The Ragu Cheese Sauce doesn’t get hard when it cools down like the block of Velveeta.  You can mix in a can of Chili or a Jar of Salsa and you have an instant and delicious dip.  I made the chili version the other night for our homeschool parent meeting and it was yummy!

I also mixed some of it with a little Garlic Salt and made cheesy garlic dip for soft pretzels.

Now, on to the freebie…

You can get a free Five-Minute Devotion eBook from Currclick at the link below:

Here’s the description:

Five-Minute Devotions are instant devotions that you can print and execute immediately.

They can be easily done before school during breakfast.

Each lesson includes: Find It, Read It, Study It, & Apply It activities

There are printables included that help to enhance and reinforce the lesson. 

Five minutes is all that it takes to start the day off right – in God’s Word.

Also, I have just released another Virtual Fieldtrip.  This time we traveled to The Alamo.  Check it out here:—The-Alamo

Please help me spread the word…selling curricula through Currclick is my only source of income…it’s my “linen garments” (Proverbs 31:24). 🙂



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