Organizing – Kid’s Clothes

I have a motto…if everything has a place, then it might get put back in it (and not left all over the place).   Okay, so it’s not a very catch motto, but I live by it just the same. 😉

As for Kid’s Clothes, we wash clothes on Saturday and they help fold them up and put them away.

We have designated drawers on their dressers.

  • The top drawer is for underwear and pajamas.
  • The second drawer is for shirts.
  • The third drawer is for pants/shorts.

Their closets are for church clothes or nice “town clothes.”

The bars in their closets are LOW…at their level.  You should have seen my husband’s face when I asked him to move them down to his waist level!  But, it has been such a good thing for the kids!  They can hang up their own clothes and can reach the shelf on top too. My daughter stores stuffed animals there.  We’ll just keep raising the bar as they grow up (but I haven’t told my husband that just yet!)

(Notice a couple of other things in here:  I put a large bucket so he can tidy his floor quickly.  I also have a metal trashcan for storing all those Nerf guns and Light Sabers.)

For organizing what the kids will wear each day, these Canvas Shoe Holders work wonders!  My daughter and son both have them.  His is in his closet, as you can see above.  Her organizer is in a corner of the room, as you can see below.

The top shelf is for pajamas (yep, so now they aren’t left laying on the floor).  The other shelves are for their clothes…Monday through Friday.  They know what they will wear each day.  This has been a huge time-saver, especially when we are in a hurry to get somewhere!

These six shelf shoe holders are just $10 at Walmart.

Okay, so I didn’t mention socks anywhere!  And that can be a problem.  But, I’m saving that one until I have time to tell you my organizing system for the family shoes (and socks)!

So there you have it, my organizing solution for Kid’s Clothes.  I’ll try to post something new each week.  We have a space for everything!  Let me know if you have a particular organizing problem and I’ll try to help or at least share here what we do about that area).



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