Valentine Match Up File Folder Game

I have created a new file folder game.  When my daughter was younger and I needed to work with my older son during the school hours, I would pull out a bucket of file folder games and let her play with those.  There was enough of a variety that it kept her busy.  She loved doing them and was learning at the same time!!

I just finished a Valentine Match Up File Folder game that would be perfect to present to your little one next week on Valentine’s Day.  Your child will practice discriminating differences and matching various patterned hearts.  Print and cut out all of the components of this resource and glue into a file folder as indicated.  Print out another set of the hearts for matching.  Cut out the extra set into individual hearts.  Your child will look for a heart matching the one in the folder and lay it on top.

If you’d like to check it out, it is for sale for only 50 cents through Currclick.

Don’t forget to check out Playful Penguins and Cookie Jar Counting file folder games as well!


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