The Secret to My Cleaning Success

Finding time to manage chores every day of the week can be daunting. A busy week can lead to inconsistency and can ultimately sabotage your chore management plan. The secret to my cleaning success has been to establish one day of the week as “cleaning day.” Usually Saturday is easiest since most people don’t homeschool on Saturday and daddies are home to help entertain the little ones.

Cleaning all in one day is a lot of work, but it is so worth it!  When I don’t spread my cleaning chores throughout the week, I have more time for my family and for doing the things I enjoy.  Sure the house gets messy during the week, but it’s just a matter of tidying.  Also, I don’t feel the guilt of missing some cleaning task that should have been completed on a certain day of the week.  I’m done…I’m free to do other things with the whole rest of the week!!

If Saturday is a busy day for you, then pick another day, but do all of your cleaning in that one day

Here’s what I do every Saturday morning. 


Remove everything from the counters and spray and wipe clean.

Spray and wipe kitchen table.

Spray and wipe down all appliances, including the inside of the microwave.

Clean out refrigerator.  Toss old foods and wipe shelves.


Strip and wash sheets.

Dust and tidy.  The kids tidy their own rooms.


Move everything from counters and spray and wipe clean. 

Clean mirrors with Windex.

Clean showers and tubs. 

Living Room:

Tidy up and have kids remove any toys or books.

Dust piano, fireplace mantle, television console, desk and picture frames.


Sweep all hardwood floors.  (I have a Miele canister vacuum for hardwood floors and tile.)

Mop tiled areas and polish hard wood floors every other Saturday, unless needed.

Vacuum all carpeted areas.

Once a month:

Dust ceiling fans and baseboards.

Spray and wipe down tops of refrigerator and freezer.

Wipe out window sills.

There are other chores that pop up, but the above is my usual routine.  You may wonder why laundry isn’t on the list.  I do keep my washer/dryer running throughout my Saturday chore time.  The kids have their own collapsible laundry basket and know how to put their own clothes in the washer/dryer.  They also help with folding and putting away their own clothes, which helps out a lot.

I actually even have a Saturday Chores plan for my children. 









One final tip…purchase a large bucket with handle and put all of your cleaning supplies in it.  You can easily tote it from room to room as you clean.


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