Little House on the Prairie, The Long Winter Activity Guide

I decided to do a read-aloud with the book, The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder, during the winter months.  We have really enjoyed this book and have turned it into a learning experience.  I thought some of you might also want to take advantage of the long winter months when we are mostly confined to the indoors due to blustery weather conditions outside. 

I created an Activity Guide that is for sale through Currclick for only 50 cents.  Here is the link, if you are interested.  I’ve also put photos below showing the corncob doll and fleece scarves we made. 

corncob doll

The corncob doll was super simple.  We just bought an ear of fresh corn from the grocery store and shucked it.  I cut off the kernels and we let it air dry for a few days.  If it’s sunny outside, you could put it outside and that will speed the drying process along a bit.  Once the corncob is dry, you simply wrap it completely with a piece of cloth.  Cut out small pieces of cloth for the dress and bonnet and secure with ribbon.  We also added a little apron before tying.  For the dress, I folded the piece of cloth in half and put my string (just a strip of the same fabric) underneath at that halfway point.  I then tied it at the back and kind of worked with the gathers to make them even all the way around.  I took a picture of the back of the dress and posted below.  There was no sewing involved in this project, although you could hem the fabric if you wanted to.   

corncob doll back

I’ve already blogged about these fleece scarves and you can read about how we made them here.

scarf 6

Hope these ideas will help you enjoy your own long winter!!  Feel free to post your own Little House on the Prairie ideas.



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