Folder Games for Teeny Tots

Today Confessions of a Homeschooler is doing a Link Up.  She has asked that we share what we do with our Teeny Tots.  For me, it was about the folder games!!!  I made this bucket of folder games and my teeny tot could pick and choose at will while I was working with my older child.

Most of my folder games are just homemade ones.  For example, I bought a card game of match and glued one of each match inside the folder and put the other matches in a ziplock bag.  She would place the match from the bag on top of the one in the folder.  Simple!

Here are a few titles that I have:

Cupcake Counting – put cupcakes in folder with number on them; count and add Popsicle stick “candles.”

Ants in the Anthill – roll the dice and add that many ants to  the anthill

Feed the Pig – feed the pig using squares cut from yellow construction paper (corn)

Cookie Jar Math – cut out pictures of cookies and add to the cookie jar

Train Wheel Math – roll dice and add dry wagon wheel pasta to train cars

Squirrel Match – add acorns to squirrels with numbers on them

Zoo Match – purchase set of match cards; place the other match on top

Umbrella Letter Match – glue umbrellas with upper case in folder; match lower case raindrops

Colored Picture Match – purchase color flashcards (with animals); glue construction paper in folder and put matching card on top

Pancake Counting – glue brown construction paper pancakes into folder; write numbers on them; add the correct number of pieces of butter (yellow squares) to the pancakes

Numbers in Bloom – add petals to the flowers; the petals have dots and the flowers have the number

Trace the Shape – draw shapes in folder and laminate with clear contact paper; provide a Vis a Vive overhead marker and let your child trace the shape; erase with wet wipe and reuse


**Tip:  Poker Chips Make great counters and are very inexpensive to purchase!!

Here’s an example:

Take an empty Pringles can and draw a dog face with mouth open and glue to the top.  Cut a slit where the mouth is.  Let your child “feed” the dog his dog food (poker chips) as he counts how many the dog is eating.  Or give them a number first…feed the dog 3 dog biscuits.  They LOVE hearing the poker chip “clunk” when it hits the bottom of the can!


Hope these help!!  Let me know if you want any other pictures of the games or further instruction on how to make them.



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