Good Morning Girls Wednesday Share

I hope you have had a wonderful week so far.  I have enjoyed our Ephesians study.   Here’s the message I sent to my own Good Morning Girls group this morning for our “Wednesday Share.”  If you don’t have a group, it’s not too late.  Think about a few ladies in your church or homeschool group that may want to be a part of this study.

On Monday, I highlighted the word faithful and listed the things that meant such as worthy of trust, can be relied on…  I wrote, “Can I be found faithful in Christ Jesus like the saints in Ephesus?”  On Tuesday, the word grace really jumped out at me in verse 6.    I am so thankful for his grace…which makes us accepted (vs. 6 and 7).  Verse 7 is just a beautiful verse to me.  I wish I could cross stitch it and hang it on the wall!!:)

Praying for you,




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