Valentine Bucket craft

Every year around this time, I ask a teacher friend of mine to have the lunchroom at her school save large vegetable cans for me.  We recycle them into Valentine buckets for the kids to use during our homeschool association’s Valentine skating party.

We simply spray paint the can, drill holes for the handles, and decorate!!  That’s it!!  They are ready to fill with cards and goodies!!


Easy and Delicious Lemon Cake

My husband’s grandmother used to make him a lemon cake for his birthday.  He loved it and her so much.  (She was a great, Godly example to he and his brothers and was an amazing prayer warrior.)  This year, for his birthday, I decided to make my husband a lemon cake.  I’m not the great baker that his grandmother was, so I had to cut a few corners.  Even still, the reaction I got from the cake told me that it was still delicious and a recipe that I will definitely use again.

I bought a Betty Crocker Super Moist Lemon Cake Mix and prepared it according to the package directions.


For the frosting, I used a recipe I found on


This photo is from  Unfortunately,I forgot to take a picture of mine!!  I also used a bunt pan to make my cake (just like my husband’s grandma used to do).

Lemon Frosting Recipe:


  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3 cups confectioners’ sugar


  1. Combine the butter, lemon juice, vanilla, and confectioner’s sugar and beat until light and fluffy. Add more confectioner’s sugar, or lemon juice to adjust the consistency as needed.

Good Morning Girls Bible Study Week 2

This is week 2 of the Good Morning Girls Bible Study.  Here are my notes for the week so far:

In our GMG study, I have really been able to see how important it is to pray for others.  Paul prayed and thanked God for the saints in Ephesus.  He made very specific requests for them:

  • Wisdom
  • Knowledge of Him
  • Understanding
  • That they would know – hope, riches of the inheritance in Christ, and the greatness of His power

It made me think…how specific am I in my prayers for others??




Playful Penguins File Folder Game

This morning, Confessions of a Homeschooler had a Link Up where we shared what we do to keep our Teeny Tots busy.  I shared our file folder game bucket.

I thought I would also share a file folder game that I created and have for sale through Currclick.

It costs 50 cent and all you do is print, cut, glue in a file folder, and done!!

Let your Teeny Tot play away!!  She won’t even realize she’s actually learning number recognition and counting!!

Check it out, if interested:)

Playful Penguins File Folder Game through Currclick.

Folder Games for Teeny Tots

Today Confessions of a Homeschooler is doing a Link Up.  She has asked that we share what we do with our Teeny Tots.  For me, it was about the folder games!!!  I made this bucket of folder games and my teeny tot could pick and choose at will while I was working with my older child.

Most of my folder games are just homemade ones.  For example, I bought a card game of match and glued one of each match inside the folder and put the other matches in a ziplock bag.  She would place the match from the bag on top of the one in the folder.  Simple!

Here are a few titles that I have:

Cupcake Counting – put cupcakes in folder with number on them; count and add Popsicle stick “candles.”

Ants in the Anthill – roll the dice and add that many ants to  the anthill

Feed the Pig – feed the pig using squares cut from yellow construction paper (corn)

Cookie Jar Math – cut out pictures of cookies and add to the cookie jar

Train Wheel Math – roll dice and add dry wagon wheel pasta to train cars

Squirrel Match – add acorns to squirrels with numbers on them

Zoo Match – purchase set of match cards; place the other match on top

Umbrella Letter Match – glue umbrellas with upper case in folder; match lower case raindrops

Colored Picture Match – purchase color flashcards (with animals); glue construction paper in folder and put matching card on top

Pancake Counting – glue brown construction paper pancakes into folder; write numbers on them; add the correct number of pieces of butter (yellow squares) to the pancakes

Numbers in Bloom – add petals to the flowers; the petals have dots and the flowers have the number

Trace the Shape – draw shapes in folder and laminate with clear contact paper; provide a Vis a Vive overhead marker and let your child trace the shape; erase with wet wipe and reuse


**Tip:  Poker Chips Make great counters and are very inexpensive to purchase!!

Here’s an example:

Take an empty Pringles can and draw a dog face with mouth open and glue to the top.  Cut a slit where the mouth is.  Let your child “feed” the dog his dog food (poker chips) as he counts how many the dog is eating.  Or give them a number first…feed the dog 3 dog biscuits.  They LOVE hearing the poker chip “clunk” when it hits the bottom of the can!


Hope these help!!  Let me know if you want any other pictures of the games or further instruction on how to make them.


Terrific Teeth Lesson Plan

Here’s a great lesson plan to do with preschoolers during Dental Health month (February).  This is an excerpt from A to Z Toddler and Preschool Curriculum.

Theme:  Terrific Teeth


  • Scripture:  …Suffer the little children to come unto me… Mark 10:14
  • Tell the story of Jesus and the Children.  Keep it simple.  One day Jesus was teaching.  A group of mothers wanted their children to meet Jesus.  They brought the children to him, but the disciples said, “No.”  Jesus saw what happened and told the disciples to let the children come to Him.  He took the children up into his arms, laid His hands on them and blessed them.
  • Sing:  “Jesus Loves the Little Children”

Theme Learning

  • Intro. Teeth theme – What are teeth made of?

Teeth are made up of four main parts. On the outside is a protective layer of enamel – the hardest substance in the body. Below that is a bone-like substance called dentin, which makes up the largest part of the tooth. Underneath the dentin, the tooth actually has a soft center. This is called the pulp, and it houses all of the tooth’s blood vessels and nerve endings. Finally, the cementum covers the roots. Copied from

  • How can I take care of my teeth?  Brush 2 times a day, floss your teeth, stay away from too many sugary foods, visit the dentist twice a year, drink milk, raw foods like apples help clean the teeth
  • Colorful Stained Teeth-cut tooth shape from white construction paper; glue tooth to another full sheet of construction paper and cover entire page with clear contact paper; discuss with child that when you eat sweet things your teeth get dirty and need to be cleaned.  Color part of tooth with water base purple marker to resemble grape jelly…color part of tooth with red marker to resemble red sucker..continue with other colors; have child clean tooth with damp rag; water base markers will clean easily (test before doing activity) Note:  Each child will make one of these during Center Time
  • How many teeth do I have?  Preschoolers have 20..adults have 32.  Discuss baby teeth versus permanent teeth.  Explain that between the ages of 6 to 12, children lose their teeth and those are replaced with permanent ones.

Letter Skills

  • Say It:  T says “t” like a ticking clock
  • Play a Game:  while you pretend to be asleep, have children pretend to be clocks and make the “t” ticking sound; have one child ring a bell to signify alarm clock ringing and then you “wake up”; repeat allowing everyone a chance to ring the bell
  • Recognize It:  Decorate Blank Letter T with torn bits of colorful paper
  • Letter T box – fill empty wet wipes box with small items that begin with letter T (timer, toy turtle, tooth, top, telephone-old cell phone, etc.)
  • Pulling Teeth game – cut a simple mouth shape from red construction paper; tape on white squares for teeth (note-roll the tape and add to back of tooth to attach to mouth); be sure there is one tooth for each child in the class; if child can say the “t” sound correctly when asked what T says, he had come up and “pull” one tooth out by taking it off the poster
  • T is for Train Tracks – cut out two trips from brown construction paper; have child draw lines up and down and across so that each strip looks like a set of train tracks; Glue the strips to another piece of paper to look letter T
  • T is for Toothbrush – cut toothbrush shape from construction paper; have child add pieces of yarn for the bristles; glue to another piece of construction paper; write T is for toothbrush at the bottom and have child circle the t’s


  • Kangaroo Counting-give child an apron (like the kind at Home Stores used for holding tools); write numbers 1-10 on index card; have child hop to number try to tell what it is and put it in his pouch (apron)
  • Bank-Use old can with lid (such as Pringles can) and cut slit in top to make a homemade bank; since coins are choking hazards, purchase larger Poker chips and let your child put these “coins” into the bank (a sure favorite great for fine motor skills)
  • Counting Teeth-use mini marshmallows which look like teeth to count 1-10
  • Repeat the Pattern – chomp teeth together __ times, clap __ times, tap fingers __ times, blink __ times, etc.)
  • Number Flashcard Review – show various flashcards and instruct children that when they see number __ they should pretend to brush teeth; repeat with other numbers

Shape Practice

  • Crown Jewels-run through Burger King drive through and ask for a paper crown; have child glue diamond shaped craft jewels onto the crown; you could also cut crown shapes from colorful fun foam or construction paper
  • Potato Print-cut potato in half and use knife to cut away a diamond shape; dip in paint and stamp
  • Walk Around the Diamond – use blue painters tape to create a large diamond shape on the floor; children should line up and walk around the diamond shape


  • Magnetic Color Practice-give child cookie sheet and magnetic letters; have him find color you call out and place on cookie sheet; magnets will stick on metal pan
  • White Cotton Ball collecting-use kitchen tongs to move white cotton balls from one bucket to another
  • Colorful Stained Teeth-cut tooth shape from white construction paper; glue tooth to another full sheet of construction paper and cover entire page with clear contact paper; discuss with child that when you eat sweet things your teeth get dirty and need to be cleaned.  Color part of tooth with water base purple marker to resemble grape jelly…color part of tooth with red marker to resemble red sucker..continue with other colors; have child clean tooth with damp rag; water base markers will clean easily (test before doing activity)
  • I Spy White – look around for things that are white in the room; let each child have a turn to spot something
  • ToothFairy, ToothFairy, Who Has Your Tooth? (like Doggy, Doggy, Where’s Your Bone) one student sits in chair facing away from class, place paper tooth cutout under chair; point to one child who quietly sneaks up and takes tooth and hides in lap; the Tooth Fairy has 3 guesses to discover who took the tooth


  • Alligator Teeth Painting-cut egg cartons in half and give each child row of 6 alligator teeth; use paint brush to paint the alligator’s teeth white (this only works with the cardboard type egg cartons versus the shiny type…have parents save in advance)
  • Paint with toothbrush – provide toothbrushes to use as paintbrushes and let children paint on a white piece of paper
  • Tooth Fairy Bag – cut two, C-shaped pieces of felt for each child; punch holes along the sides and let child use yarn to lace up around the shape; put knots in the ends; glue white felt tooth shape to the front of bag; make the loop large enough to hand on your child’s doorknob  (Note:  wrap tooth in a tissue before putting in bag, so it doesn’t drop through the bottom.)


  • Baby Bottle Shakers-recycle those old, clear plastic baby bottles by filling with rice, beans, etc.; secure the top with masking tape for instant shakers; for added fun buy colorful Nerds candies and pour inside; these are fun to look at (can use baby food jar…just be careful about breakage) Explain that baby’s shouldn’t go to sleep with a baby bottle…it’s bad for their teeth.
  • Train Follow the Leader – play music and have children make a train, one behind the other, moving all around the room; change train engine and caboose often so that everyone gets a turn

Game Time

  • Feed the Monster-draw a fun looking monster with teeth on large poster board and secure to back of kitchen chair; cut a large mouth into the board; give child pieces of paper that has been balled up and let him try to toss the monster food into the monster’s mouth
  • Soda Bottle Bowling-discuss that soda isn’t good for teeth, but make a great game; use the empty bottles from a recycling center set up like bowling pins; use ball to try and knock down all the pins (Explain that soda is not good for your teeth.)

Snack Idea

  • Mini Marshmallows-look like teeth and make a great snack; add stick pretzel toothbrushes if you’d like (if there are no peanut allergies in your class, take an apple slice and spread with peanut butter and then top with mini marshmallow teeth and another slice of apple on top for a cute smile)

Fieldtrip Ideas

  • Visit the dentist’s office
  • Have a hygienist come in to speak with your homeschool group
  • Watch show, “Arthur’s Tooth” (on PBS by author Marc Brown)


Family Devotion – The Bible’s Sufficiency

Each Sunday, our church makes available a Family Devotion to be picked up and completed during the coming week.  The Family Devotion is usually related to the sermon series.  For the month of January, the sermon series is all about the Bible:  it’s History (God breathed); it’s Authority; and it’s Sufficiency.  I am on the team that creates these.  I have pasted the Family Devotion Guide for this week below.:


Theme:  The Bible’s Sufficiency

Family Memory Verse:  Psalm 119:11

I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.

Discussion Starter:

Put a bag of microwave popcorn, melted butter, salt, and a big bowl on the counter in the kitchen.  Also write on a sticky note the number of minutes it takes for the microwave to pop the corn.   Instruct your children that they are to go into the kitchen and make popcorn for the family.  Tell them that everything they need is already on the counter.  When they return with the bowl, say, “I made sure you had everything you needed to make the popcorn.”


Read 2 Timothy 3:15-17. (Have everyone get their own Bibles and find the passage.)

Just as you had everything you needed to make the popcorn, God has also made sure we have everything we need to help us live the Christian life.  We call this sufficiency.

The 1828 Webster’s dictionary defines sufficiency as:  qualification for any purpose; ability; adequate power.

The Bible is sufficient because it is the only inspired and therefore inerrant words of God that we need, in order to know the way of salvation (“make you wise unto salvation”vs. 15) and the way of obedience (“equipped for every good work” vs. 17).  We don’t need any more special revelation.

The Bible is sufficient to:

  • equip us
  • help us know how to be saved
  • prepares us to do good works

Believers are commanded to study the Bible for themselves. God has given believers all things necessary to understand the Scriptures. As one studies the Bible the truths about God and His plan become more and more clear.

Activity this week:

Choose one or all of these practical applications:

1.  Adopt a “quiet time” with Scripture as your center piece.

2.  Meditate on Scripture throughout the day.

3.  Study the Bible to see what it says about issues you are facing.  Use a concordance, topical Bible, study guide or


Prayer:  Pray together thanking God for His sufficient Word.


Ten Commandments Poster

Here’s a free Ten Commandments poster for you.  They are written in a kid-friendly way.  Hope you enjoy!  Just click  below to download.

ten commandments pdf

Please take a moment to check out my other products for sale at Teacherspayteachers.

Super Easy Fleece Scarf

My daughter and I made the easiest ever winter scarf.  It was so much fun to do and she is so proud of it!!

First Step:  We bought 1/4 yard of fleece fabric.  We bought ours at Walmart and it was cost $2.24, for the 1/4 yard.

Second Step:  We spread the fleece out on our craft table and trimmed both ends.  The lady at the fabric department did a good job cutting down the sides, so we didn’t have to do any extra trimming there.Third Step:  Cut slits on each end.  There really is no way to mess this up.  Just cut the slits all the same length.  Next, tie each strip in a knot as shown in the photo.Here’s the finished scarf!!My daughter even made a tiny one for her stuffed animal!!

This craft was so easy to do and so affordable, that we made all of my daughter’s girl cousins one!!

This would be a great craft for a girl’s party.

Good Morning Girls Wednesday Share

I hope you have had a wonderful week so far.  I have enjoyed our Ephesians study.   Here’s the message I sent to my own Good Morning Girls group this morning for our “Wednesday Share.”  If you don’t have a group, it’s not too late.  Think about a few ladies in your church or homeschool group that may want to be a part of this study.

On Monday, I highlighted the word faithful and listed the things that meant such as worthy of trust, can be relied on…  I wrote, “Can I be found faithful in Christ Jesus like the saints in Ephesus?”  On Tuesday, the word grace really jumped out at me in verse 6.    I am so thankful for his grace…which makes us accepted (vs. 6 and 7).  Verse 7 is just a beautiful verse to me.  I wish I could cross stitch it and hang it on the wall!!:)

Praying for you,