Pizza Night

I don’t know about for you, but Pizza and a movie make for a fun Friday night around our house!  I made this yummy homemade-ish version last night and it was an easy and affordable meal that we all loved!

Here’s all I needed to buy for the pizza:

Pre-made pizza crusts

Olive Oil (already had)

Stewed tomatoes (Italian style already seasoned with basil, garlic and oregano)

Italian Seasoning (already had)

Cheese (I already had cheddar cheese, which I grated…and I purchased fresh Mozzarella from the deli for $1.49, Managers Special)

Here’s what I did:

I spread olive oil on the pizza crusts.

I sprinkled the crust with Italian seasoning (and sometimes I also sprinkle with a little Garlic Salt to give the crust more flavor).

I put the can of tomatoes (1 can was enough for both pizzas) into my blender and  blended for just a second to make it the consistency of tomato sauce.

I spread that on the crusts and topped with the cheeses.

I added olives to the grown up pizza, but the kids were just fine with this all cheese version.  You could add pepperoni, ham or whatever your family likes.   Sometimes I even buy the individual crusts and then line up the ingredients in the center of the table and let everyone make their own pizza.

I baked at 425 for about 10 min.

I bought pre-made garlic breadsticks from the frozen section of the grocery store.  I also bought marinara sauce for dipping the breadsticks in.  (Actually, I bought spaghetti sauce which was on sale for 10/$10 at Kroger.  Nobody knew the difference.;)

I wish I’d thought ahead and bought salad ingredients, because a nice salad would have topped this meal off well!

We finished the meal with Pillsbury Ready to Bake Sugar Cookies. (Hard to believe, but they have the Valentine ones out already!)

Best of all, this entire meal cost about $10, a fraction of what we would have spent if we’d gone out for pizza!!

By Kathy Hutto Posted in Recipes

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