New Year’s Eve ideas

I wanted this New Year’s Eve to be extra special, so I was up bright and early this morning scouring the web for ideas.

Here’s what I found:

Time Capsule from Women Living Well

I made this printable survey everyone fills out to put into the time capsule.  You can get it free here.

New Year's Eve Survey for time capsule

I also love Courtney’s idea of having everyone kiss everyone else at the stoke of midnight.  If you have a big family, that could take a while, but everyone will feel loved at the end of the night!

I am going to run by the Dollar Store today and buy noise makers, party hats, etc.  The kids will get such a kick out of that!

I also love this idea I found where this mama made little gift bags to be opened on the hour beginning at 8:00.  Not sure if I have enough time to pull that one off this year, but I do think the kids would love it!!

I also plan to buy Sparkling Grape Juice to use for a toast.  We usually do this every year.

Please leave comments about how you will make New Year’s Eve extra special for your family.

Happy New Year!!



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