“Christmas Love” Bulletin Board

I was trying to explain to my children how meaningful it is to show God’s love.  We were trying to think of ways that we can do that during this Christmas season.  I wasn’t getting much enthusiastic participation in our brainstorming (especially when I suggested giving up one Christmas gift and using the money for someone else).

I began thinking on that…and it hit me…I don’t think they really have gotten to see the end results often enough.  I wanted them to see the difference a small gift of love can make.  So I began scouring through magazines to find stories of how acts of kindness have helped others.  (You need only flip through a holiday catalog from Gospel for Asia or World Vision to find plenty, but be sure to also try to include local stories like from the food bank or clothes closet.)  Through our seemingly small acts of kindness, great and meaningful changes can be made.  The recipients can see God’s love through what we do!!  I explained it like this to the kids…The people we help will say, “God must really love me to have sent you to do something for me.”

I have started a bulletin board collage which we will continue to add to.  I’ve encouraged each of the children to begin praying for God to lead us to where He would have us share Christmas Love!

Christmas Love Bulletin Board


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