Shepherd Game

Yesterday in Sunday School, we talked about the Shepherds and the Angels who came to visit them and tell them of Jesus’ birth. This story is in Luke 2:8-20.

After our lesson, we played a fun game.  We had placed tape in advance on the floor to represent two corrals.  We also had two laminated shepherd’s staffs.  We formed two teams and used the staffs like fans to blow white cotton balls into the corrals.  The team who had corralled all of their sheep first won.

I told the children that this game was to remind them that God sent His angels to tell the lowly shepherds that His Son had been born.  They had a hard, smelly job and were not important people.  We discussed why He hadn’t chosen to send the angels to the richest or most important men in Bethlehem.  We concluded that it was because He wanted to show us that Jesus came for everyone…rich, poor, young, old…everyone.

Shepherds Game


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