Thanksgiving Week – Preschool Lesson Plans

Here is a Holiday Lesson Plan from the A to Z Toddler and Preschool Curriculum eBook.  Hope you enjoy!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Scripture:  Now therefore, our God, we thank thee, and praise thy glorious name.

1 Chronicles 29:13 

Theme:  Thanksgiving



  • Scripture:  Now therefore, our God, we thank thee, and praise thy glorious name. 1 Chronicles 29:13
  • Tell the story of the Ten Lepers:  Jesus entered a village and met ten men who were lepers (sores on their skin) who were standing far off.  They shouted and asked Jesus to heal them.  Jesus healed them.  Only one man turned back and thanked Jesus.  List the things we should be thankful for.  Pray and thank God now.


Theme Learning

  • The First Thanksgiving – Pilgrims:  The Pilgrims wanted to worship God the way they felt led to.  They decided to go to America so that they could do so.  They sailed on a boat called the Mayflower.  102 passengers were on the boat.
  • The First Thanksgiving – Indians: the Pilgrims met the Indians; they were afraid at first, but the Indians were friendly; the Indians taught them to plant corn, get sap from trees, avoid poisonous plants, and catch fish in the rivers
  • The First Thanksgiving – Feast:  the Pilgrims and Indians came together for a feast; they probably ate venison (deer), fowl (birds), fish, vegetables and berries, corn bread… The feast lasted for 3 days
  • Thanksgiving Today – we eat turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, etc.; we get together to eat with family and friends; let each child share what they will do for Thanksgiving

Letter Skills

  • Review Letters
  • Review all letter boxes A – I (each week, fill empty wet wipes containers with things that begin with the letter of the week…you will have 26 boxes at the end of the year)
  • Sing the Alphabet Song to review all letters
  • Erase the letter – write letters learned so far on the board (A-I); have student come up and erase the letter you say; repeat so that everyone has a turn
  • Pick a Pocket game – purchase one of those hanging shoe organizers with lots of pockets; put a letter in each (cut out from paper or use ABC magnets); children take turns coming up and pulling letter from pocket – he should tell what letter it is and what sound it makes
  • Trace magnetic alphabet letters
  • Alphabet stamping – purchase a set of ABC stamps and stamp pad and let the children stamp the letters on white paper
  • Play dough with alphabet cookie cutters
  • Sing: What’s the Sound song to review all letters

What’s the Sound – tune B-I-N-G-O

What’s the sound that starts these words

_____ and _____ and ______

/  / is the sound, / / is the sound, / / is the sound

That starts ____, _____, and _____.


  • Review Numbers
  • Flashlight Writing – turn off the lights and use a flashlight to “write” a number on the wall or ceiling; children must try to guess what number you wrote
  • Who Has # __? game – give each child an index card that has a number on it; call out a number and those children who have it should stand; repeat several times and then let the children switch numbers with their neighbor
  • Fishing for Numbers – provide a stick with yarn tied on one end; hot glue a magnet to the other end of the yarn; cut out fish shapes and add large metal gem clip at mouth; let children take turns fishing for the number you call out…or have them pull out a fish and tell you what number it is
  • What Comes After game – call out a number and have children try to tell what number comes next…before

Shape Practice

  • Thanksgiving Thank You Cards-give child construction paper which is shaped like a rectangle; fold it in half and discuss that now you have 2 rectangles; have child decorate with crayons and markers and give this Thank You card to someone special such as a Sunday School teacher


  • Play with yellow play dough.
  • Finger paint with yellow/red paint; notice how when mixed they make orange.
  • Leaf Rubbings-take a walk and collect Fall leaves; place leaves under white paper and have toddler rub yellow or orange crayon over the leaf; the impression of the leaf veins will be on the paper; works best if you peel paper from crayon and use crayon sideways over the leaf…press down hard
  • Jump On Color game – place sheets of construction paper in the middle of the Carpet; all out a color and select a child and instruct him to jump on the color and sit back down; repeat until everyone has a turn


  • Turkey Placemat-Purchase a cloth placemat in a light color (such as tan or pale yellow); paint toddler’s hand to look like a turkey by painting the thumb and palm brown (body and head) and the fingers various Fall colors like pointer finger-red, tall finger-yellow, ring finger-orange; and pinky finger-green; use fabric markers to add eye and orange beak and to write Happy Thanksgiving; These will be keepsakes!
  • Baby Food Jar Thanksgiving Candle Votive-cut orange, brown and yellow tissue paper into small square; have toddler paint glue onto outside of clean baby food jar and then stick tissue squares on the glue; when finished brush all over with glue to smooth down corners of tissue paper squares; when dry add tea light candle and place on Thanksgiving table for decoration
  • Paper Bag Turkey-decorate brown lunch sack with markers; stuff with newspapers and twist end closed and up to resemble turkey head; glue on feathers cut from construction paper
  • Paper Plate Collage:  have toddler help you find pictures of foods he loves in magazines; cut them out and have toddler glue them on the paper plate
  • Pillow Case Indian Vests – have children each bring in a twin size white pillow case (be sure to send this in a note in advance); cut the pillow case as shown; let children use markers or fabric paint to decorate


  • Turkey Pokey-like Hokey Pokey, but you put your drumsticks in, your tail feathers in, your beak in, wings in, etc.
  • Dinner Bells-collect various bells and place in clean, plastic jar (like peanut butter jar); bells can be purchased in craft section of large retail store; secure the top and have child shake while you have music playing from the radio or a CD
  • Falling Leaves-cut Fall leaves from construction paper; sing:
    • Leaves are falling down, won’t you try and catch some.

Leaves are falling down, won’t you try and catch some.

Leaves are falling down, won’t you try and catch some.

Catch some if you can! (throw leaves up and let them rain down)

  • Thanksgiving Apple Pie Tambourines-use tin pie pans with apple seeds (or dry beans) inside; staple closed and secure edges with heavy tape to be sure no seeds escape; use as tambourines while you play lively music

Game Time

  • Take a Fall walk- give toddler a brown paper sack or sand bucket and let him pick up “signs of Fall” such as colorful leaves, pine cones, and acorns (monitor carefully)
  • Leaf Sorting-Place several shoeboxes on a table.  Use different colored Fall leaves from Fall walk (above) and have your child sort the leaves according to color and  place them into the right shoeboxes
  • Build Pilgrim homes-play with blocks and “build” houses like the Pilgrims did
  • Turkey Bean Bag Toss-draw large turkey with mouth open on poster board; tape the turkey to the back of a chair; have toddler try to toss beanbags into turkey mouth

Snack Idea

  • Sugar Waffle Cone Cornucopia-add M&M’s and mini marshmallows, Cheese Nips, etc. to the inside for a sweet and salty snack
  •  Pilgrim Hat-use vanilla wafer and mini marshmallow to make Pilgrim hats; secure marshmallow with a little frosting; you could always dip these in melted chocolate to look black like a real Pilgrim hat
  • Cornucopias-Serve Bugles brand chips which look just like little cornucopias

Fieldtrip Ideas

  • Invite parents for a Thanksgiving Meal; decorations made in Art and wear Indian vests made from pillow cases

One comment on “Thanksgiving Week – Preschool Lesson Plans

  1. What can I say but WOW! I found your blog through Women Living Well. I have a 14 month old and I’m so excited to read your ideas for learning. I know he’ s a bit young for some things but I have a deep sense that it is not too soon to start teaching and learning.

    I am so glad I found your blog!




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