Philip and the Ethiopian Bible Story and Craft

Here’s a fun Bible Story idea about the story of Philip and the Ethiopian.  This story comes from Acts 8:26-40 .  Here’s a shortened version of the story: An angel of the Lord told Philip to go toward Gaza.  On his way, he met an Ethiopian who was reading a Bible scroll and didn’t understand.  Philip asked him if he wanted him to explain what he was reading.  He climbed into the chariot and explained that the passage was about Jesus dying on the cross to take the punishment for our sins.  The Ethiopian believed what he heard.  He believed that Jesus Christ is the son of God (vs. 37).  They were passing a body of water.  The Ethiopian wanted to be baptized.  Philip baptized him.

I used this craft in my Kindergarten Sunday School class and they loved it!!


This craft is sooo simple.  It uses an Arby’s Sauce packet and a water bottle.  That’s it!!  I tried many different types of ketchup packets, but I found the Arby’s Sauce packet worked the best for me.

Be sure the packet will float when you initially put it in the bottle.

Squeeze the bottle and the pressure makes the packet sink.  When you release it, he will float back up.


Fall Fireplace Mantel Display

Even your youngest child can help with this super easy mantel display.  Pick up pine cones and add these cute votive candle holders in between each cone.  They are made by painting the outside of a baby food jar.  Add a tea candle inside and viola’!


Here’s a close up…It just doesn’t do the candle justice!  These really are beautiful when lit at night!  They create a very beautiful orange glow.

Another variation of this festive candle that will keep those little hands busy uses the “decoupaging technique.”  You will need brown, orange, and yellow tissue paper squares, glue (watered down a bit), paint brushes (for spreading the glue on the jar and paper squares), and baby food jars.  That’s it!!  These will also make really pretty decorations for your Thanksgiving table.

Barbie Birthday Party

My daughter wanted to have a Barbie-themed birthday party this year.  We kept it simple, but she had so much fun!


If you are fortunate enough to have French doors, you can use craft paint to freehand some shapes like sunglasses, lips, hearts, etc. onto the window panes.  (You could do this on the window panes if you don’t have the French doors.)  It comes off easily with Windex.

We hung a banner we bought from Walmart, along with streamers and balloons all around the room.


I used my Pampered Chef mixing bowl with one box of strawberry cake mix to make the dress for our Barbie cake below.  The Barbie doll we bought was really tall, so I actually had to make two cakes and piece them together.  We used pink, Strawberry flavored frosting for her skirt.  We decorated with those ready-made cake decorating candies.


We didn’t have a game per say, we did have a mini “spa” set up for the girls.  We had back rubbers, foot soak, etc.  We also had nail polish to paint the girls’ nails.


We gave each girl a Barbie treat bag that we bought from Walmart.  Inside, we put lip gloss, candy, bubbles (like you might get for a wedding), etc.

Free No Tricks, Just Treats Halloween Ebook

Most Christians avoid Halloween altogether. This year, why not view this day as an outreach opportunity. The No Tricks, Just Treats eBook includes ideas for creating 15 Halloween treat ideas with a Christian message.  Includes printable cards to attach to suggested candy.  Please email me for a free copy!

If you are a member of CurrClick, you can pick up your free copy there.


Toddler Pumpkin Cookies

Looking for a fun fall cookie idea perfect for toddlers??
Cookie Stamp

This cookie stamp is perfect!!  The grip is large enough to be just right for little hands.  I took a roll of Pillsbury dough and rolled it into little balls.  I had the kids “stamp” pumpkins on the cookies.

We will try coloring the dough orange next time to see how that works too!

It’s hard to see the pumpkin in the photo, but they really turned out cute!!  This was a simple way to involve even the youngest of kids in seasonal baking.

We don’t celebrate Halloween, but we do have a great Christian Pumpkin poem that I use every year…the one that talks about how God scoops the yucky stuff (sin) out…and puts a light inside…

Bible Lesson on the Fruits of the Spirit – Gentleness

The kids and I have our Bible Time in the morning at the kitchen table while they eat breakfast.  It’s the way we begin our homeschool day.  We continued our discussion on Gentleness throughout the week last week.  I found this neat idea which really drove the point home.  It came from an excerpt a friend had torn from the Aug./Sept 2011, Focus on the Family Magazine.

I held up a balloon and a wooden skewer and had my son try to get the skewer through the balloon.  Of course he stabbed it and it popped.

I then took another balloon that had already been blown up (not too tight…you should be able to poke a finger inward pretty easily).  I had rubbed dish detergent on a wooden skewer in advance.  I gently rotated the skewer and pushed it through the balloon starting at the end at the top that has the darker colored spot…and ending on the bottom end, just beside the knot.

The kids were amazed!!

We discussed that when we use force to get what we want, it just doesn’t work so well!  In fact, we usually wind up with a mess!  When we are gentle, we can get things done.

We read the scripture from Proverbs 15:1, “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.”

click to enlarge so that you can really see the skewer

We brainstormed ways to apply the scripture.  For example, when your sister has your toy, what could you do/say to show gentleness verses yelling and snatching the toy back.

Be sure to check out my Youtube Channel for videos on How to Use the Bible to Teach a Sunday School lesson (verses just reading the lesson).


Consider the Ants

Our home has been invaded by ants!!  The more we do to try to get rid of them, the more persistent they are in coming back!  I decided that we could learn a lot from these little guys.  I had the kids list their observations about the characteristics of ants.

Here’s what we came up with:

  • worked in unity
  • could not be distracted; kept working
  • focused on their purpose
  • no foreman or sergeant, but yet they stay in line
  • organized

We then talked about our purpose and what we should be working hard at.  We listed things like:  Bible Study, Prayer, School Work, Cleaning up after oneself.

We read the scriptures Prov. 30:25 and Prov. 6:6.

We displayed these plastic ants on our table and in the kitchen window all week to remind us to “consider the ants.”  These were on a watermelon-themed cake purchased from Walmart for a birthday party (you may be able to ask them if you can purchase them separately).

We’ve been so fascinated by the ants that we are doing our Science Fair project on what foods attract ants.  We’ll try to come back and post our finding under the Category-Homeschooling when we are finished.  We were going to do our project on repellents, but changed our minds.  We found that ground cinnamon worked great at covering up the pheromones!

Acorn Man magnet

Here’s a simple idea great for toddlers.  Take a walk outside during fall and have your preschooler pick up acorns (be sure they don’t put any in there mouths!!).  Come inside and help him glue on eyes and draw a mouth.  Have him pick a pretty fall leaf from an assortment that you provide (you can purchase a whole garland of these at Walmart in the Craft Department).  Hot glue the acorn head to the leaf and then hot glue the magnet to the back.  Your toddler can proudly add this special magnet to your refrigerator.

You could make a whole acorn family!!!


Blog Bash 2011-The View From My Window

As part of the Women Living Well Blog Bash, we were asked to post a picture of a place that is special to us in our home…maybe one that reminds us of why we blog….here’s my window – I made sure not to include the dirty dishes in the sink 😉

I love looking outside and really enjoy opening the blinds every day in our kitchen.  I especially love it this time of year when all the leaves are changing color.  It reminds me of how creative our Creator is!  It also reminds me of how blessed I am to be able to stand at that window throughout the day as I homeschool my children.  I don’t take that blessing for granted.  I thank God often for this special season in our lives.

Good Morning Girls Week 6

We are on Week 6, if you are doing the Good Morning Girls Bible study with us.  If not, why not start now.  I’ve enjoyed it so much and the Lord has really spoken to me through these scriptures in 1 John.

The way I summed up the verses for this week is that God loves us so much He calls us His children.  Just as our children learn to be like us, we should long to be like God.  Know the difference between true righteousness and the works of the devil.  Sin is of the devil…that’s why God sent Jesus-to destroy the works of the devil.  My Application today was:  work at righteousness…remember WWJD…strive to be like Him not the world.  Confess any sin in our lives.