Letter Y

Letter Skills:  Letter Y

  • Say It:  Y says “y” like yarn
  • Practice It: Yarn Catch-toss ball of yarn to child and have him say “y” sound; when he tosses it back to you, say “y” sound; continue several times
  • Recognize It:  Decorate Blank letter Y by gluing on pieces of yarn
  • Letter Y box – fill empty wet wipes container with small items that begin with letter Y (yarn, yellow crayon, yo-yo, etc.)
  • Y is for Yellow Like the Sun painting – fingerpaint a letter Y cutout
  • Yell for Letter Y – show flashcards and instruct the students that when they see letter Y, they should yell; have both upper and lower case Y’s included and continue to stick them back in the deck
  • Y is for Yam – cut a yam in half; put some paint in paper plates; let the children use the yam to stamp white construction paper; write heading Y is for Yam on the paper

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