Letter X

Letter Skills:  Letter X

  • Say It:  X says “x” like xylophone
  • Practice It:  find old toy xylophone at flea market or Goodwill; if child can say “x” sound he may strike the xylophone
  • Recognize It:  Decorate Blank Letter X with colorful strips of construction paper like a toy xylophone
  • Letter X box – fill empty wet wipes with items that begin with X (pictures of x-ray and xylophone, X-Men action figure, photo of Xavier Roberts-creator of Cabbage Patch Kids)
  • X Bones – cut two white bone shapes from paper; glue onto another piece of construction paper to look like an X
  • X says “ks” – the sound X makes is similar to the sound you hear when you use a spray bottle; simulate the sound; if child can correctly say “ks,” give him a little mist with the squirt bottle
  • XOXO – Hugs and Kisses game:  hold up letter flashcards and instruct the children that when they see letter X, they should give themselves a big hug and blow a kiss (Explain that the letters XOXO stand for hugs and kisses.)



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