Letter W

Letter Skills:  Letter W

  • Say It:  W says “w” like water
  • Practice It:  Get a plastic garden sprayer and fill with water; tell child if he can say “w” sound when asked what W says that you will mist the air with water and let him feel the rain
  • Recognize It:  Decorate Blank Letter W with “worms” (small pieces of yarn)
  • Letter W box – fill empty wet wipes box with small items that begin with the letter W (water-in baby food jar, web-white yarn, toy watermelon slice, worm, etc.)
  • W is for Worm – give each child a gummy worm (older preschoolers only) if he can say the correct sound “w” makes when asked
  • W is for Watermelon – Cut out green oval from construction paper; cut out smaller pink oval and glue on top; this should resemble a watermelon that has been split in half; provide black stamp pad; if child can say the “w” sound correctly when asked, he may come up and press finger onto stamp pad and then press onto watermelon-making a fingerprint watermelon seed

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