Letter V

Letter Skills:

  • Say It:  V says “v” like “vroom”
  • Play a Game: Draw a two-lane road on white poster board; divide the road into sections; divide class into two teams; let one child from each team place toy car at one end of the road; if child can tell you the “v” sound, he may move his team’s car one space; continue asking, “What does V say?”  If child answers without help, he can move forward; if he needs help, he must move back one space
  • Recognize It:  Decorate Blank Letter V with car tracks; put black paint in paper plate; run Hot Wheels cars through paint and have children roll on their letter U
  • Letter V box – fill empty wet wipes box with small items that begin with letter V (picture of violin, small plastic vase, toy vegetables, etc.)
  • V is for Vegetables – cut our pictures of vegetables from sale flyers; glue to construction paper; write heading V is for Vegetables; let child circle letter v’s
  • V Vroom game – show letter flashcards and when children see V they should all say Vroom! Vroom!; keep sticking letter V back into the deck, so there will be lots of opportunities to identify letter V
  • Letter V Map – cut letter V shape from old map; glue to construction paper
  • V is for Vase – cut 2 triangular shapes for each child  from construction paper; write letter V on the triangle; let child help staple the sides closed; add an artificial flower



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