Letter T

Letter Skills:  Letter T

  • Say It:  T says “t” like a ticking clock
  • Play a Game:  while you pretend to be asleep, have children pretend to be clocks and make the “t” ticking sound; have one child ring a bell to signify alarm clock ringing and then you “wake up”; repeat allowing everyone a chance to ring the bell
  • Recognize It:  Decorate Blank Letter T with torn bits of colorful paper
  • Letter T box – fill empty wet wipes box with small items that begin with letter T (timer, toy turtle, tooth, top, telephone-old cell phone, etc.)
  • Pulling Teeth game – cut a simple mouth shape from red construction paper; tape on white squares for teeth (note-roll the tape and add to back of tooth to attach to mouth); be sure there is one tooth for each child in the class; if child can say the “t” sound correctly when asked what T says, he had come up and “pull” one tooth out by taking it off the poster
  • T is for Train Tracks – cut out two trips from brown construction paper; have child draw lines up and down and across so that each strip looks like a set of train tracks; Glue the strips to another piece of paper to look letter T
  • T is for Toothbrush – cut toothbrush shape from construction paper; have child add pieces of yarn for the bristles; glue to another piece of construction paper; write T is for toothbrush at the bottom and have child circle the t’s

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