Letter S

Letter Skills:  Letter S

  • Say It:  S says “s” like a snake
  • Play a Game:  Have toddler pretend to be snake as he makes the “s” sound; call on one child at a time
  • Recognize It:  Decorate Blank Letter S by gluing on small pieces of string (yarn)
  • S is for Sight Collage – draw two eyes in the center of a piece of construction paper; have child cut out pictures from magazines that their eyes help them see and past around the eyes on the construction paper (Note:  This page will be added to My 5 Senses Book – sight)
  • S is for Sound  – draw a bell shape from yellow construction paper and cut out; have child glue that bell to another piece of construction paper; add a popsicle stick for handle; explain that we can hear a bell ring because of our sense of hearing (Note:  This page will be added to My 5 Senses Book – hearing)
  • S is for Smelly Flower – have child glue cupcake liner to construction paper; draw a green stem and leaves; spray a cotton ball with perfume and have child glue to middle of cupcake liner flower; write smelly flower at the bottom of the page and let child circle the letter s
  • Hot Snake (like Hot Potato) – make a simple sock snake using tube sock stuffed with fiberfill pillow stuffing and hot glue to close; add wiggle eyes and a red felt tongue; use markers to decorate; have children toss (or pass) the snake and say the “s” sound when they are holding snake



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