Letter Q

Letter Skills:  Q

  • Say It:  Q says “q” like a quilt
  • Practice It:  Spread quilt on floor and tell child he may roll on quilt if he says “q” sound; repeat
  • Recognize It: Decorate Blank Letter Q with small fabric squares to form a “quilt”
  • Letter Q Box – fill empty wet-wipes box with small items that begin with letter Q (quarter, Q-tip, quilt square, toy queen, etc.)
  • Q is for Q-tips – let children write letter Q’s using Q-tips and paint
  • Q like Quick game – let students take turns retrieving rubber ducks that have been placed around the room; instruct students they must move as quickly as they can and bring the duck back to the carpet
  • Q is for Quack – Draw letter Q on construction paper; add another line to make the duck bill and add a wiggle eye

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