Letter P

Letter Skills:  P

  • Say It:  P says “p” like a puff of air
  • Play a Game:  Let child make “p” sound to get a turn to blows bubbles
  • Decorate Blank Letter P with polka dots-use circle stickers, Q-tips with paint, or the eraser end of a pencil dipped in paint to make the dots
  • Letter P Box – add small items that start with P to an empty wet-wipes boxes labeled with the letter P (popcorn, penny, pencil, safety pen, toy pig, etc.)
  • P like Popcorn – show flashcards of letters learned so far; when child sees letter P, s/he should jump up like a piece of popcorn popping; keep putting letter P back into the deck so that the children have lots of changes to pop
  • Write letter P on construction paper; trace the letter with glue and add popcorn
  • Letter P Collage – look through magazines and find things that start with P; glue to construction paper

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