Letter N

Letter Skills:  N

  • Say It:  N says “n” like nest
  • Play a Game:  Spread a sheet on the floor and scrunch up the ends to make it circular and with a raised edge like a bird’s nest.  Have toddler pretend to be baby bird.  When he says “n” sound he may get into the nest; have him “fly away” and then make him say “n” sound to get back to seat
  • Decorate Blank Letter N by spreading a thick layer of glue all over letter and having toddler sprinkle crunched up Wheat Cereal or straw to look like a nest
  • N is for Numbers collage – find numbers in magazines, cut and glue to construction paper for a numbers collage; write numbers at the bottom and have child circle the letter n
  • Pin the Nose on the Baker – draw a simple face on paper; add a white chef hat cutout at the top; provide colorful circles for the nose; if child can say “n” sound when asked, s/he can come up and be blindfolded and try to Pin the Nose on the Baker (Note:  use a child-sized night mask for the blindfold…saves time so you don’t have to tie a blindfold every time)
  • N is for Nest with Baby Bird – provide a large man’s sized white t-shirt; if child can say “n” sound when asked, s/he can sit on floor and crunch down inside white t-shirt (like egg) and then when we count 1,2,3, s/he cracks out of the egg
  • N is for Necktie craft – explain to children that sometimes when you go to nice restaurants, you dress up; cut a necktie shape from construction paper and let children decorate with markers (stripes) or polka dots or fabric scraps, etc.

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