Letter M

Letter Skills:  M

  • M says “m” like mitten
  • Play a Game: string up a piece of yarn between two chairs or on the wall; provide colorful clothes pins; cut out mitten shapes from construction paper; take turns have the children say the “m” sound when asked; if correct, he may put a mitten on the clothes line using a clothes pin (be sure to go back to those who don’t  say it correctly and give them a chance to say it correctly and put up a mitten)
  • Decorate blank M with markers.  Try making rainbow stripes.
  • Mitten Lacing-cut mitten shape from construction paper and mount on cereal box cardboard; punch holes around mitten and use shoelace to “sew” around edges; write letter M on the mitten using glitter puff paint or glitter glue
  • M is for Mountain – cut out an M from construction paper, have children glue the M to another piece of construction paper add glue cotton balls (torn and stretched) at the top of the points to look like snow at the tops of two mountains; write mountain at the bottom; have child underline or circle the m in mountain

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