Letter H

Letter Skills:  H

  • Sound it Out:  H says “h” like hat
  • Play a Game:  Collect old hats and caps from closet/attic or borrow some from grandparents; toddler must say “h” sound in order to get to try on a hat
  • Decorate blank letter H with happy face or heart stickers
  • Hammer H’s – in advance write upper and lower case H’s all over a piece of white copy paper; make copies for each child; put paper on a piece of thick foam; give student a toy plastic hammer and a wooden golf pin and let him hammer a hole into each letter H
  • Happy Face Sticker-student must say “h” sound when asked to receive a Happy Face Sticker

Excerpt from A to Z Toddler and Preschool Curriculum.  Email info@toddlerbitesonline.com for ordering details.


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