Letter D

Letter Skills: D

  • Sound It Out:  D says “d” like dog.
  • Decorate blank letter D to look like a Dalmatian by using Q-tips to paint black spots inside the outline of letter D.
  • Letter D Box-use an empty wet wipes box labeled with letter D, d; add things that

start with D and discuss. (dime, dollar, toy donut, small stuffed dog, etc.)

  • Feed the Pig-Use print pig cutout provided and mount onto half of a file folder;

cut hole for mouth and provide yellow squares cut from construction paper for

corn; have child “feed” the pig each time he can tell you what letter D says when

asked; use flashcards to review other letter-child may feed the pig each time


  • Letter D Hunt-give each child a magazine page and let him/her hunt for and highlight or circle all the f’s they find
  • Playdough-form letter D,d…also provide D cookie cutter as well as the other letters you have already covered this year (A-C)

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