Letter A

Letter A:

  • Say It:  A says “a” like “achoo”
  • Play a Game:  Give your toddler a Kleenex and have him practice saying “a..a..a..choo!”  Glue Kleenex to hand (page included at back)
  • Decorate blank A with fingerprint ants using black washable paint or black stamp pad.  Just draw on legs and antennae to their fingerprints using black marker.
  • Letter “A” Box:  In advance fill an empty wet wipes container or shoe box with items found around the house that begin with the letter a; have child add to the box through the week as they find things that start with the /a/ sound (Ex. animal cracker, apple, alligator toy, etc.)  Enrichment:  look for things with “a” in middle

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