Lego Club

I have been homeschooling for five years.  We have found a really great resource that we want you to be aware of.  It’s a Lego Club.  You can attend live or view the recorded session.  A list of materials will be emailed prior to the meeting, so you can have all of your supplies ready.  My son has really enjoyed being a part of this club.

Here are the specifics:

  • Meetings will take place once a month on the fourth Monday.
  • Meetings will last 60 minutes and will always take place at 1:00pm central standard time.
  • Meetings will be run by volunteers and CurrClick parents. Lessons will be taught by our main moderator and teacher Roni Bergerson of Eastern Wind Academy.
  • Each month will have a theme, a lesson plan, show and tell, and challenge activities.
  • During each meeting, children will have the opportunity to hold a 3 minute show and tell of something that they have built. This could be a unique creation or a purchased set. Presentations could be shared live via webcam or via a photo Powerpoint presentation. Due to the fact that we will only have a few openings per class, if your child in interested in doing a show and tell, you must notify Roni at least a week in advance.
  • A few days before each meeting, registrants will receive an Adobe Connect meeting room link and a list of needed supplies.

Visit either of the following links:


Letter R

Letter Skills:  R

  • Say It:  R says “r” like motorcycle sound “rrrrrr”
  • Practice It:  Roll the ball and have child say “r” sound when he catches ball before he rolls it back
  • Recognize It: Decorate Blank Letter R with rice
  • Letter R box – fill empty wet wipes box with small things that start with R (rice, toy rabbit, toy railroad train, red crayon, toilet roll, recipe card, etc.)
  • R is for Rainbow – write R on white paper; have child trace beside your r with another color and then another and another…continue until you have a rainbow R
  • Find the R’s – give each child a magazine page and have him circle or highlight all the r’s; paste onto construction paper with title “R Hunt”
  • R is for Red – if child can correctly say the “r” sound when asked what R says, he can come up and put a red dot circle sticker on you (you will look like you have the chicken pox, but the kids will really enjoy this)

Letter Q

Letter Skills:  Q

  • Say It:  Q says “q” like a quilt
  • Practice It:  Spread quilt on floor and tell child he may roll on quilt if he says “q” sound; repeat
  • Recognize It: Decorate Blank Letter Q with small fabric squares to form a “quilt”
  • Letter Q Box – fill empty wet-wipes box with small items that begin with letter Q (quarter, Q-tip, quilt square, toy queen, etc.)
  • Q is for Q-tips – let children write letter Q’s using Q-tips and paint
  • Q like Quick game – let students take turns retrieving rubber ducks that have been placed around the room; instruct students they must move as quickly as they can and bring the duck back to the carpet
  • Q is for Quack – Draw letter Q on construction paper; add another line to make the duck bill and add a wiggle eye

Letter P

Letter Skills:  P

  • Say It:  P says “p” like a puff of air
  • Play a Game:  Let child make “p” sound to get a turn to blows bubbles
  • Decorate Blank Letter P with polka dots-use circle stickers, Q-tips with paint, or the eraser end of a pencil dipped in paint to make the dots
  • Letter P Box – add small items that start with P to an empty wet-wipes boxes labeled with the letter P (popcorn, penny, pencil, safety pen, toy pig, etc.)
  • P like Popcorn – show flashcards of letters learned so far; when child sees letter P, s/he should jump up like a piece of popcorn popping; keep putting letter P back into the deck so that the children have lots of changes to pop
  • Write letter P on construction paper; trace the letter with glue and add popcorn
  • Letter P Collage – look through magazines and find things that start with P; glue to construction paper

Letter O

Letter Skills:  O

  • Say it:  O says “o” like the sound you make at the doctor when you have a sore throat and he says, “Say open up and say ahhh.”
  • Play a Game:  Children take turns saying “ahhh” sound when asked what O says
  • Decorate blank O with cheeriOs; draw or print outline of letter O; glue on cheerios cereal
  • O is for Octopus – cut letter o shape from construction paper; have child glue O to another piece of construction paper; add streams at the bottom for tenticles; add two wiggly eyes at the top; write octopus on the bottom and have child circle letter o
  • Sand writing practice:  pour small amount of sand in shallow baking pan; have toddler use finger to practice writing letter O

Letter N

Letter Skills:  N

  • Say It:  N says “n” like nest
  • Play a Game:  Spread a sheet on the floor and scrunch up the ends to make it circular and with a raised edge like a bird’s nest.  Have toddler pretend to be baby bird.  When he says “n” sound he may get into the nest; have him “fly away” and then make him say “n” sound to get back to seat
  • Decorate Blank Letter N by spreading a thick layer of glue all over letter and having toddler sprinkle crunched up Wheat Cereal or straw to look like a nest
  • N is for Numbers collage – find numbers in magazines, cut and glue to construction paper for a numbers collage; write numbers at the bottom and have child circle the letter n
  • Pin the Nose on the Baker – draw a simple face on paper; add a white chef hat cutout at the top; provide colorful circles for the nose; if child can say “n” sound when asked, s/he can come up and be blindfolded and try to Pin the Nose on the Baker (Note:  use a child-sized night mask for the blindfold…saves time so you don’t have to tie a blindfold every time)
  • N is for Nest with Baby Bird – provide a large man’s sized white t-shirt; if child can say “n” sound when asked, s/he can sit on floor and crunch down inside white t-shirt (like egg) and then when we count 1,2,3, s/he cracks out of the egg
  • N is for Necktie craft – explain to children that sometimes when you go to nice restaurants, you dress up; cut a necktie shape from construction paper and let children decorate with markers (stripes) or polka dots or fabric scraps, etc.

Letter M

Letter Skills:  M

  • M says “m” like mitten
  • Play a Game: string up a piece of yarn between two chairs or on the wall; provide colorful clothes pins; cut out mitten shapes from construction paper; take turns have the children say the “m” sound when asked; if correct, he may put a mitten on the clothes line using a clothes pin (be sure to go back to those who don’t  say it correctly and give them a chance to say it correctly and put up a mitten)
  • Decorate blank M with markers.  Try making rainbow stripes.
  • Mitten Lacing-cut mitten shape from construction paper and mount on cereal box cardboard; punch holes around mitten and use shoelace to “sew” around edges; write letter M on the mitten using glitter puff paint or glitter glue
  • M is for Mountain – cut out an M from construction paper, have children glue the M to another piece of construction paper add glue cotton balls (torn and stretched) at the top of the points to look like snow at the tops of two mountains; write mountain at the bottom; have child underline or circle the m in mountain

Letter L

Letter Skills:  L

  • Say It:  L says “l” like leaves
  • Practice It: Cut leaf shapes from green construction paper; if children correctly say “l” sound when asked, throw leaves in air and let them rain down; have them help pick up and repeat
  • Recognize It:  Decorate Blank Letter L by gluing on leaves or ladybug stickers
  • Lolipop activity – give each child a lollipop and practice making the “l” sound, ask, “What does L say?”  Children respond and get to lick the lollipop once…repeat several time.
  • Letter L book – staple several sheets of paper together.  Write letter L with glue and have students sprinkle glitter on the glue for the front  cover; make a leaf rubbing inside and write leaf; draw simple dots for eyes with two circles for glasses and write look; draw a heart and write love

Letter K

Letter Skills:  K

  • Say It: K says “k” like a kangaroo
  • Practice It: If child can say “k” sound when asked, he may stand and hop like a kangaroo
  • Recognize It:  Decorate Blank Letter K by gluing on kernels of rice inside outline or with “kisses” (lip stickers or stamp/stamp pad)
  • Letter K box – fill empty wet wipes box with little things that start with K for kids to explore (small toy kitten, ketchup packet, key, etc.)
  • Kleenex – Write K on a piece of construction paper; have children each tear a Kleenex into pieces and glue to the K outline
  • Kiss if for kiss game – if child can say “k” sounds when asked, give him a Hershey’s Kiss to eat
  • K for kiss – Cut Hershey’s Kiss shape from tin foil; have child glue to construction paper with paper tag strip that has letter K on it
  • Letter K kangaroo pocket collection – create a “kangaroo pocket” by simple folding a piece of construction paper in half and stapling the sides; find and cut pictures of things that start with K from magazines and place in the pocket

Letter J

Letter Skills: J

  • J says “j” like jump
  • Play a Game:  Write capital letter J and little j on separate index cards; also write various other letters already learned on cards; show cards one at a time and tell child to jump if he sees letter J.
  • Decorate blank J with craft jewels or jewel stickers (*monitor for choking hazard)
  • Letter J Hunt-look for and cut lots of letter J’s from magazines and have toddler glue to paper (older toddlers can try to use safety scissors and cut the letters out themselves)
  • Add Ants to the Anthill game – create an anthill using brown construction paper; tape this to the front of the circle area; cut out small black “ants” from construction paper; if child can say the correct sound that J makes when asked, he can come up and put an ant on the anthill; continue until everyone has had a turn; go back to those who didn’t get it right the first time and let them try again so they can add an ant to the anthill
  •  J like a Jellyfish game – have each child, one at a time, say the “j” sound while bobbing up and down like a jellyfish