Saturday Chores

Being a full-time homeschooling parent and running a business from home can be challenging.  Daily routines are sometimes hard to monitor.  Since we have “no school” on Saturdays, I developed a Saturday Chore Chart.  It’s much easier to take the time to monitor and remind children of their various chores during this not-so-busy day of our week.  This is especially beneficial if you have younger children who will need to be prompted or even helped with some of their tasks.  I do all my major cleaning during this time too, so I’m available to stop and come to their aid should they need me.

I generated a list of chores for each child.  The tasks to be completed are different based on the differing abilities and age considerations.  I made a checkoff type chart.  I have one that allows me to use it for the whole month.  At the beginning of each month, I post another blank copy to be checked off.  If our children finish all of their chores on Saturday, they receive an allowance.  They give 10% to the church for tithe the next morning at church.  We give a minimal dollar amount for allowance since the point of this is to help them learn responsibility and tithing.

Here’s a look at one of my children’s chores:   (He is 8 years old)

  • Wash your clothes from hamper in your room (purchased each child a pop-up type hamper with handles for about $4 at Walmart)
  • Fold your laundry and put away
  • Clean room
  • Change sheets/make bed
  • Vacuum room
  • Empty trash cans in your room and bathrooms and replace liners
  • Vacuum living room rug
  • Clean yard (pick up toys and trash)
  • Help clean out van (We all help with this; each person gets items they’ve left in the van out and puts where they belong)

My younger child’s list is similar, but I’ve switched out some things and have substituted with cleaning the bathroom mirror and dusting the living room.

If interested in ordering my Saturday Chores Ebook, please email


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